Samsung 24.6 Quatro Cooling Convertable Refrigerator RM255 Series

Samsung 24.6 Quatro Cooling Convertable Refrigerator RM255 Series

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Samsung Quatro Initial Review

Oct 31, 2006
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Pros:Attractive. 2 configurable lower compartments. Consumer Reports rates very highly. Some nifty features.

Cons:Shelf layout/placement is poor. Child lock activation tricky. Slow Ice production?

The Bottom Line: Test out the shelves before you buy! Bring in tall empty items; Gallon Milks, juices, syrups, ketchup bottles. This model has few available shelf locations; vertical spacing is poor.

We just got this refrigerator delivered by Lowe's a few days ago. It is attractive, seems to be well built (heavier than other refers according to the delivery guy). Consumer reports rates it at the top. The bottom cabinets can be configured to be either be refers or freezers. We got a really good deal because it had a few dents on the side. I think one serious negative that we didn't see in the store is the layout of the top refrigerator section. They give you very few choices where you can put the shelves. Regular Gallon Milk containers do not fit well at all in the shelves, although they can go in the large door bins. If you have additional tall items like orange juice, other juices, syrups, ketchup bottles and want to store them upright in the refrigerator section you must take out one of the shelves. We chose to take out the Sliding Shelf. Taking out a shelf though leaves a lot of wasted space. Samsung could have very easily given you more options on where to place shelves, but for some reason chose not to. If it weren't for this very big negative, I would probably give this refrigerator a very high rating so far. An additional concern is the speed of ice production. It seems to be very slow at making ice, although I will need to verify this because my kids keep fooling with the 'ice off' button. Which leads me to one additional point or two. To engage the child lock (so kid's can't mess with the buttons) can be tricky and a real hassle. You have to touch two buttons at once, but they are very sensitive and trying to get your fingers to hit both buttons at exactly the same time can be a challenging game of you vs. the refrigerator (one that I lost quite a bit). And then once you do get the child lock engaged, you can no longer get ice or water through the door. I think I would prefer two different levels of child lock; one that locks just the buttons and one that locks the buttons and the ice and water system. Overall I probably wouldn't have bought this refrigerator knowing what I know now. I could live with pretty much everything other than the layout of the shelves and door compartments. If you do think about buying this model, take a couple of empty milk jugs and a few large juice containers, a ketchup bottle, and a syrup bottle then try and figure out they can all be arranged in the refer without taking out shelves and losing valuable space. If Samsung chose to give more options for shelf heights I would definitely reconsider this refer.

One other note, This is a big appliance, it wouldn't fit through our 35 1/2" house doors as-is, the doors had to be taken off. Although it didn't take them long to do this, it may be a concern.

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Amount Paid (US$): 1800.00

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