God, I Hate This Vacuum!

Nov 1, 2006
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Pros:Cheap price compared to a Kirby, but you get what you pay for.

Cons:Everything else!

The Bottom Line: Don't buy this vacuum unless it is the last vacuum on Earth. Even then, be prepared to be disappointed.

I have had this vacuum for about three years. It gets very little use because I also have a Kirby, almost 20 years old, that runs circles around this plastic piece of junk. What do I hate? The list goes on and on - short hose, stiff power cord that falls off its winder, cheap plastic attachments held on only by suction. They're constantly falling off. The fancy "high-tech power brush" is the epitome of LAME and has never worked right since Day One. You're better off getting down on your hands and knees and picking the dog hair off of the rug with your fingers. We have two dogs, two young boys and a large house. I vacuum every day or every other day at most. If you have dogs and buy this vacuum, go get yourself an Exacto Knife too because you will need it every 15 minutes to cut the dog hair off the beater brush. I bought this vacuum after my Kirby finally broke and was sent back for repairs. We were selling our old house at the time, and I needed a vacuum to make the house presentable for those annoying last-minute drop ins.

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