The EASY Way to Get Pet Hair & Fur Out of Your Carpet & Furniture

Jul 7, 2002

The Bottom Line Get the brush and give it a try--you'll like it!

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Some years back, I shared my house with two Siberian Huskies. I knew little about the breed going in, but I learned quickly. In particular, I learned how difficult it is to get all shed hair and fur out of carpets and furniture!

If your dog or cat or spouse/roommate, or whatever sheds in the house, you get lots and lots of hair and fur on furniture and in carpets. Vacuuming really does not do the job of getting it out.

Two Siberian Huskies shedding in the Summer really made it a chore and at times impossible to get up. Fortunately, for me (and I hope, you) I discovered a way to get carpet and furniture exceedingly clean of shed hair and fur. The method is inexpensive and takes little effort.

This came about when I was sealing my asphalt driveway. I had bought a couple of the brush-like brooms used to spread driveway sealer on the pavement. These are a squeegee on one side, and a brush/broom on the other—mounted on a four- or five-foot stick.

The brush side is what gave me the idea. The bristles are very long (about three inches) and very stiff and springy. They are usually three rows of them, 24” to 30” wide. I noticed how those bristles sprang back as I swept pebbles and other debris from the driveway. (They actually threw pebbles several feet.) Somewhere in the back of my mind said, “This is what you’ve been seeking! This will get all the hair and fur out of the carpet and furniture.”

I didn’t waste any time thinking about it: I went right into the house and pulled the side with the bristles over the carpet. Wow—all sorts of fur came up, and it took almost no effort! (Less than sweeping the driveway, to be sure.)

To further test my discovery, I vacuumed a couple square yards of carpet. Then I pulled the brush over those areas. Once again—lots of fur!

(Note: In some areas driveway sealing is a are seasonal activity. So if you live where it snows, you may the sealing brush/broom only in the Spring and early summer.)

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