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Nov 19, 2006 (Updated Nov 19, 2006)
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Pros:Easy to read, plenty of fun, lots of laughs, your heart will be won.

Cons:A bratty Cat, causing trouble, with a bunch of others, making it double.

The Bottom Line: I can honestly say, it's a great little story. Pure Dr. Seuss, in all of his glory.

In the Great Seussville Beyond,
Near a place called Mercedd,
Mr. Theodor Geisel
Now rests his head.

With Sneetches and Klopfers,
He puts his feet up,
Enjoying relaxation
In the Grand Castle of Krupp.

His aim was to educate,
To entertain and to please
His works are renowned
Across the Seven Great Seas.

We'll miss this fine author
With Sally and Sam, to name some.
But he leaves us his legacy
For generations to come.

His numerous publications
Include far to many to list.
They were all truly fabulous
With an imaginative twist.

In this particular story,
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
That pure imagination,
It sure did not lack.

So, they were out shoveling snow,
Sally and her brother.
For some odd reason,
They were left alone by their mother.

Along came that Cat,
Yes, once again.
They didn't want him inside,
But he had a plan.

Per his typical demeanor,
The Cat trashed the house.
What a bratty little Cat,
Oh what a louse !!

He ate cake in the tub
And turned everything pink.
Sally and Sam were distressed,
The situation began to stink.

But the Cat had something
Right up his sleeve,
Or more accurately,
Under his hat, if you please.

What could it be?
What's much worse then that?
Well, of course it was
Yet another cat !

Every time that they
Made a new mess,
What did he do?
Well I think you can guess.

He popped out 26 friends,
Little cats A through Z.
But it wasn't till the end
That cleanliness would be.

You see, each little cat
Would mess up a new room.
But only little cat Z
had the power of "VOOM".

The "VOOM" cleaned up everything,
Even the pink snow,
Then the Cat packed up his friends,
And off they would go.

These are such delightful,
Easy books to read.
The minds of a beginning reader,
They certainly do feed.

Though my son has grown past
The age level here found,
We absolutely must
Keep these books around.

You see, Dr. Seuss is his favorite
Author of books.
So entertaining, he must
Take another look.

So if you're looking for something
For your first grader to read,
This book is sure
To fill that big need.


Excerpts or quotes
From the book, these are not.
These words came from me
And my own personal thoughts.


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Does this review measure up?
With 415 words,
I guess that’s a YUP!

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