Two Different Muscat Canelli  wines -- the Light and Heavy

Sep 7, 2002

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The Bottom Line Sunstone Vineyards Muscat Canelli Central Coast 2000 - versus - Boeger Winery Muscat Canelli El Dorado 2001.

What a world of difference -- I tried two different Muscat Canelli  wines produced by two small wineries in California. I liked both of them, but they were very different from one another. One was light... the other heavy and sweet.

My wife and I visited Sunstone Vineyards -- a Certified Organic Vineyard -- in April of this year. There, we enjoyed a number of different wines at its casual, yet elegant, visitor facility and tasting room. We visited the Boeger Winery in Placerville, El Dorado County, California, this past July. Boeger is located in California's Sierra Foothills and grows 30 different grape varietals on its hillside vineyards.

This week, I tried two bottles of Muscat Canelli -- one from each of these wineries. Muscat Canelli is a sweet wine, best served chilled, and it is an excellent refreshment (quaffing wine) on hot summer days.

Sunstone Vineyards Muscat Canelli Central Coast 2000
           ~ and ~
                    Boeger Winery Muscat Canelli El Dorado 2001

Serving temperature: 40-50ºF.

Sunstone - 12.6% by volume
Boeger - 13.5% by volume

Sunstone - Muscat Canelli from Central Coast (California) vineyards. Only 728 cases produced.
Boeger - Muscat Canelli from its vineyards in the Sierra foothills. Estate grown and bottled.

Sunstone - Very pale straw color. When poured, the presence of some suspended material that settle down to tiny micro-bubble formations on the wall of the glass.
Boeger - Bright straw yellow color with some suspended material; appears unfiltered.

Sunstone - Faint floral (peach blossom), slightly grapey with some stone fruit presence.
Boeger - Fresh peaches and sugar; unmistakable punch of ripe Peach fruit.

Sunstone - Fresh, lightly sweet entry with a good fruit presence -- peaches and a bit of green apple. A soft and pleasant wine with a lightly sweet honeysuckle flavor. Not as sweet as I expected -- Residual sugar at 2.5%.
Boeger - Sweet, heavy and thick; almost like a dessert wine. Residual sugar must be over 3% and closer to 3.5%. Excellent ripe peach flavor with a touch of canteloupe, ripe banana and raisin.

For an idea of residual sugar levels, compare, for example, to:
Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay (under .5%),
Tott's California Brut Reserve Cuvée sparkling wine (1.4%)
Fetzer Vineyards "Echo Ridge" Gewürtztraminer 2000 (3.69%).
Kalyra California Black Muscat 2000 (8%)

Price and Availability
Sunstone - $14 per bottle; purchased at the winery.
Boeger - $10 per bottle; purchased at the winery.

You can buy these wines at a limited number of local area (California) restaurants and retailers, but your best option would be to purchase online from the respective wineries:

Sunstone - 3½-stars. Good. I enjoyed this wine. Best served with some Pad Thai - a Thai noodle dish.
Boeger - 3¾-stars. Better. I enjoyed this wine more... but, this one is best served as a dessert wine. Plus, the price is hard to beat.

Recommendations:  I served these wines at 48-50ºF, but they can be serve chilled down to 45º -- and they warm up nicely as they approach cellar temperature (55º).

There are, however, other Muscat wines that I think perform equally well, like the Arciero Muscat Canelli 2000 -- which can be had at Trader Joe's Market  for about one-third the price. Check it out!

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