Glade PlugIns Scented Oil

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Glade Plugins Scented Oil

Nov 29, 2006 (Updated Apr 1, 2009)
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Pros:Continual, gentle scent. Many scents to choose from. Easy to use.

Cons:Oils can damage furniture if you are not careful.

The Bottom Line: I love the ambiance of scented candles, and the Glade PlugIns give me the same effect. Can be expensive however.

I am reviewing Glade PlugIns Scented Oil with both a positive and negative experience. These do make the home smell very nice, but you should also be aware of one problem associated with the oils.

The Warmer

Glade PlugIns are made by the SC Johnson company. The unit is 5 inches high and 2 inches wide. The top portion holds the oil, which comes in many different scents, and the bottom gives you that extra outlet that you would normally lose when plugging something into the wall. It is a light tan color, so it blends into our soft white colored walls nicely. The very top of the warmer has three bars (l, ll, lll) that you can choose for the level of fragrance you want. We keep ours on the mid level. I have noticed that Glade now makes a newer model of warmer, it has a bit different design and has 5 levels of fragrance.

The Scented Oils

The scented oils come in some very nice fragrances, my two favorites being Vanilla Breeze and Apple Cinnamon. When my daughter moved out of state last summer, she left a few of her household items with me. One of those items were two refills that smelled like grapefruit (I don't recall the name of the scent), but I had to throw both of them away because the strong odor gave me a terrible headache. Available fragrances at the time of this review are:

Apple Cinnamon
Berry Burst
Clean Linen
Ferns & Blossoms
Hawaiian Breeze
Lavender Meadow
Refreshing Spa
Suddenly Spring
Vanilla Breeze
Vanilla & Cream
Watermelon Rush
White Tea & Lily

There are no ingredients on the package, but there are a few warnings:

1) Eye irritant
2) Keep out of reach of children and pets
3) If swallowed call poison control immediately
4) Risk of electrical shock, for adult use only
5) Use 120 Volt outlet only
6) Do not use with extension cords
7) Do not place oil refills on polished wood surfaces*
8) Do not insert anything above it
9) Be sure small areas are well ventilated
10) Do not obstruct air flow
11) Keep away from furniture, fabrics, bedding and other materials that might present a fire hazard

Note that I added an asterisk next to warning number 7 above. I learned this the hard way. Our warmer is used in the same outlet where I plug in my iron. A friend of our daughters was spending a few days with us and had to iron her shirt for work. She took the warmer with oil attached out of the outlet and placed it on it's side on our bookcase. When she was done ironing I noticed that the oil had seeped out and had ruined several inches of finish on our bookcase! The oil ate right through it and now I have to decorate the bookcase with a pretty doilie to cover up the damage! I was not a happy camper. I had never even thought to read the warnings on the package, (and even if I had I probably would not have thought to tell every every one who lived in our home about them!)

So, if you use this product, when you remove it from the wall, PLEASE remove the bottle containing the scented oil from the unit and store it in an upright position!!

As far as their warning to not insert anything above it, that would be difficult to do. Even when the warmer is plugged into the bottom outlet, it covers up the one above it, because the warmer is, as stated earlier, 5 inches high.

To replace the empty bottle with a new one, remove the warmer from the outlet, pull out it into warmer. I then take the cap from the new bottle and screw it back onto the empty bottle, stick it back in the box and discard it.

The bottle with the scented oil contains .710 ounces, and a 1 1/2 inch spike protrudes from the top (this is what is pushed up into the warming unit.) In order to remove the cap from the bottle, you need to turn it hard and break a seal. You'll hear a little snap when this happens.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Services recently completed a study on 1,4 dichlorobenzene (or pDCB), which suggested the chemical could cause reductions in lung function. Glade has responded because pictures of their products were shown in news reports associated with this study. SC Johnson states on their website that their products do not contain the chemical ingredient 1,4 dichlorobenzene.


I love scented candles, but they are a fire hazard. A friend of mine has a daughter who nearly burned down their home by leaving a burning candle unattended. The warnings accompanying the Glade Warmer also suggests that under certain conditions it too can be a fire hazard (see warning #11 above). However, SC Johnson has responded* to "internet rumors" concerning fire hazards:


We also know that our products do not cause fires because all of our PlugIns® products have been thoroughly tested by Underwriters Laboratories and other independent laboratories and our products meet or exceed safety requirements. SC Johnson continues to work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate allegations involving PlugIns® products.

As a more-than-100-year-old family-owned company, SC Johnson is committed to providing top-quality products that can be used safely in homes, and we want to reassure you that PlugIns® products can be used with complete confidence.

I really like the scent this product adds to my home. Last night when one of my daycare kids were picked up by his grandmother (the grandma is not in my home often), she asked me what I was cooking. I told her nothing. Then she asked me if I was burning a vanilla scented candle, again I told her no. She said, "well it smells really nice". I had forgotten that my Vanilla Breeze scent was running in the warmer! I think because it is running continually, I don't notice it most of the time. If I am out of the home for several hours, I do tend to notice it more when I return home.

The first few days that a new refill is used, the odor seems to be the strongest and then fades. Sometimes the scent levels need to be changed. Running on the medium setting, one bottle will normally last two to three weeks. The refills are pricey, (around $3.50 each!), and I always try to use coupons and catch some sales. I rarely buy them at the regular price. Purchasing the value packs (containing two refills) are a little cheaper than buying them individually.

All in all I really like this product, but now I am much more careful how I handle the bottles if I have to remove the warmer from my outlet. I suggest everyone heed this warning so that you don't damage your furniture.

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