Dec 9, 2006
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Pros:large pot, versatile

Cons:non-stick surface isn't always non-stick

The Bottom Line: This is a versatile skillet and is easy to use. It doesn't hold up for the long haul.

I am always looking for something to make my life easier, especially in the kitchen. At a glance, the Presto 06850 Non Stick Electric Skillet would be one of those things.

Jumbo sized 16"
non stick interior
High domed lid
dishwasher safe
Removable handles for easy cleaning
Heavy cast aluminum base
Removable heat/temperature control
Dimensions: 18.0 inches x 13.5 inches x 5.5 inches

This skillet is a really nice size. It has a 2" deep pot with the non stick interior. The high domed lid is about 14" and is dent and warp proof.

It has an oblong shape which makes cooking larger cuts of meat easier.

The heat control slides into the side of the skillet. You set the temperature and it automatically keeps it at that temperature, adjusting itself accordingly.

You can remove the handles and the temperature control for easy cleaning. It is completely immersible and/or dishwasher safe.

I like the versatility of an electric skillet. You can move it around to various locations as long as there is a nearby outlet. The cord is a fair length. The pot stands on little "feet" so that the skillet isn't in contact with any surfaces.

The high domed lid is nice because you can place those large cuts of meat into the skillet and place the lid on and the two never come into contact. The lid is also made in such a way that is dent proof. I have dropped this lid on the floor several times and it has retained its shape.

It can be used to cook anything that you would cook on a stovetop. I usually cook pot roasts with all of the fixings or whole chickens. You can also prepare casseroles, pancakes, eggs, hamburgers. That is just to name a few things that I have used this skillet for.

The only negative aspect is the non-stick surface. This is pretty deceiving because I have had many things to stick. Afterward, I have to let it sit and soak before I can get it to come clean. Also, after many uses, the surface doesn't hold up. There are small scratches in the pan now, although I always use plastic utensils and non abrasive cleaners. These scratches cause more things to stick.

I found this skillet at Walmart a few years ago for $35.

Would I recommend this skillet? Yes, but don't expect it to last for a long time.

Thank you for reading.

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