ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Deodorizer

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ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Deodorizer - Pet Smells Be Gone!

Dec 17, 2006
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Pros:Easy to use, effective


The Bottom Line: A nice smelling and effective carpet foaming spray.

Our family room is quite large, and where our family spends most of our time. The carpeting is light green, thick and I love it. With 2 children, a husband, and an assortment of pets (3 dogs and 2 cats currently) is tends to get a lot of wear and tear, and I try and keep it as clean and new looking as possible.

It's work.

One of my favorite "quick using" products is ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Deodorizer. There is a powder version of this, but I find the powder sits in the carpet fibers and clogs up my vacuum. This foam version just sprays all over the carpet and absorbs in!

The product comes in a 15 oz can with lid and spray top. This product is a vacuum free foam (though I've been known to vacuum it up afterward). This product claims to be an odor eliminator and has pet hair release. This foam has a nice baking powder fresh scent.

ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Deodorizer claims to eliminate odors at their source!

From the packaging:

"1. The Pet Hair Release breaks the static charge that bonds pet hair to carpets and upholstery. Once the bond is broken, the pet hair is easily removed the next time you vacuum.

2. The baking soda formula safely absorbs and eliminates even the toughest pet odors, leaving your carpet and room smelling fresh and clean."

All I know is that it works. I don't know how and I probably don't want to know. All I have to do is shake the can, point, and spray. I leave a light coat of foam on the carpet which absorbs within 5 minutes. I'm left with a great smelling room. Hours later, even after the strongest parts of the scent has faded, I am left with clean feeling, non odor smelling carpets!

This product performs each time I use it, with no problems. I'm not sure if this product helps with pet hair, but my vacuum really sucks up the hair! I don't find any clinging to my carpet afterward, so I am assuming between the 2 they are doing the job!

I really highly recommend ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh Carpet & Room Deodorizer for your carpet deoderizing needs!

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