Commercials Of The 1950's & 1960's

Nov 3, 2002

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The Bottom Line It's a great spot to write this review about nostalgia.

For Christmas a few years ago I received a 4-pack boxed video set of "Classic Commercials From The 50's and 60's" and the moment the first commercial went on, the room was filled with laughter. My daughters and their husbands really got a kick out of them.

I took an enjoyable trip down memory lane watching most of these commercials. The kids roared with laughter, especially on the one about the "Doublemint Twins." Double your pleasure, double your fun with Doublemint Doublemint chewing gum.

What baby boomer could forget about the little cartoon boy who comes to breakfast wearing his cowboy hat? Grandpa is trying to get him to eat some Maypo cereal. Who could resist the little guy saying, "I want my hat" when Grandpa takes the hat off of him telling the boy that people don't wear hats at the table? Then when the spoonful of Maypo goes into his mouth, and then Grandpa starts eating it and the little guy yells out "I want my Maypo!" That is one of my favorite commercials.

Then there's Speedy, the Alka Seltzer cartoon boy who says "Relief is just... a swallow away." The same saying goes into a song. I actually liked the song better.

Another favorite is the Jello commercial "Ancient Chinese secret" The little cartoon Chinese baby sitting in a high chair waiting for his dessert. The Chinese man brings him a bowl of jello and the little guy is trying to pick it up without a utensil. Along comes the Chinese guy with a spoon and says "Ancient Chinese secret."

One commercial on the video was about the square candy called Chunky and the sign that says "Only Five-Cents." The candy eventually went up to a dime and before I could blink an eye they were 45-cents each in the early 80's.

Also I could never forget the jingle commercial about Brylcreme which was out at some point in the 60's. Brylcreme, a little dab will do ya, Brylcreme, all the gals will pursue ya. Seeing the cartoon man combing his hair now looks like a lot of grease to me. But that was the style back then.

I noticed that there are a lot of boring automobile commercials today and since I was little back in the 50's, I didn't notice the boring car commercials back then and believe me, there were a lot of them. Most were about the Chevrolet cars, then there's the Packard and the Fords and Oldsmobile, Ramblers, Studebaker's.

The one thing about the commercials back in those days were that there were very many cigarette commercials... too many. First came Lucky Strike, then Old Gold (The Old Gold dancing cigarettes) How very stupid those dancing cigarettes were! Then along came the Marlboro Man. How cool that Marlboro man was to a teenager back in the 60's! I'm glad they did away with all that garbage on tv enticing young people to smoke.

Well, the young ones got a lot of laughs out of this video and some of the cute ones gave them chuckles. Speaking of chuckles, we also saw the commercial on Chuckles Gum.

Then there was Mister Clean which was out in the mid 60's, the tune to that jingle song stuck with me for a long time.

Then there's Marge and Viva towels. Marge had strength but not more that Viva.

It was nice going down memory lane through the Golden Age of Television.
Notice I wrote "television" instead of TV? I don't know exactly when the name got shortened but somewhere down the road it did.

All in all, my family enjoyed these videos. Commercials back then were so different than commercials of today. They were simple, most were in black and white, and some were funny and some (like the cigarette commercials) were downright disgusting!

It was a change anyway for us and did get the attention of the young ones in the form of roaring laughter.

For a different change of scene when all of the latest videos don't interest you because you already saw them, these videos of old time commercials are a welcomed change. They are great for "over-the-hill" parties, just have them on in the background and someone is bound to take an interest and their laughter will draw others to the scene.

If anyone is interested in these videos, the address in the back of the box is: Moon River, P.O. Box 25098, Tamarac, Florida 33320. The set costs $59.95 at the time I received them.

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