The Samsung SM400P 40 inch LCD Monitor: Clearly Designed with Videoconferencing in Mind.

Dec 23, 2006 (Updated Dec 31, 2006)
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Pros:Fantastic Presentational Quality, Great for Trainings, and Videoconferencing

Cons:Larger Size, Optional Equipment to buy for Mounting, Expensive

The Bottom Line: Recommendation to Businesses looking for a tool in communication, training, and presentation.

With recent seminars and training for Auto CAD software, we are currently using the Samsung 400P 40” LCD Monitor, which has proved quite the learning tool indeed. Furthermore we use it as a tool for video conferencing between the 6 other offices, most are actually out of state.

*Samsung SyncMaster 400 Professional LCD 40” Monitor* is the long handed version of the abbreviated title.

Picture Clarity

The picture clarity is fantastic, considering such a large LCD; even though it would work for many applications we mainly use it for video conferencing and Auto CAD 2006. The monitor is excellent in terms of clearness of picture, clarity, and color definitions for human skin tones. Referring to the pictures quality known as Clarity has proved quite excellent, with clear crisp images that do not offend the eye. Using the monitor has been overall comfortable for both software and training seminars. Sometime we use the monitor for extended hours but without worry of headaches, eyestrain, or vision troubles.

Video Conferences
As mentioned earlier we mainly use this as a tool to communicate between offices, although some of the video feed equipment has an effect on how good the picture we see looks, the overall performance of the monitor is fantastic. A high refresh rate along with a 170 degree viewing angle really makes the difference when communicating during meetings is taking place. I can easily sit anywhere in our 30’ X 15’ conference room, and see the screen without worry of not being able to see who is talking on the other end. In addition to excellent video quality, the realistic flesh tone of my fellow employees is present and clear. Overall impressed by the clear picture, excellent viewing angles from any part of the room, and quality of the images for video conferencing.

Cad Seminars
Learning Auto Cad requires some time and training, so as to maximize the amount of people trained in one sitting we use the Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor. Usually these seminars last several hours, if not a full day, and I find it much more comfortable to watch the 40” LCD than look the shoulder of a co-worker trying to train me. This has proven an excellent projection type training tool, similar to using an “overhead” as it is clearly mounted on the wall for great viewing angles in the group discussions. Again a highly useful training tool in the work place.

Client Relations
Going along the same direction of conferences between offices, it can easily allow for conferences or presentations to clients. Having the Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor as a tool allows for fantastic presentations to clients using programs like Microsoft Power Point. Displaying features like quarterly earnings, forecasted outcomes, or goals/ideas of the company.

Installation of Hardware/Software

This was a somewhat tricky task indeed, I actually gave the IT guy a hand with setup, when we moved into the expanded conference room. The company purchased two units and each one had to be set and mounted on the wall. Even though the Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor, comes with a stand so that it may be used on a desk, we removed these and mounted it right on the wall. We actually routed the monitor through the walls as to hide the cable hookups and give it a professional appeal; this did take some time to bringing the wiring through the walls but the finished product made the time spent worth it. Mounting the monitor did take some patience, time, and extra work but the reward was an excellent viewing angle along with more space in the conference room.

Although the monitor itself was automatically detected by windows software, I still highly recommend installing the monitor’s drivers to ensure that all features, modes, and picture will work correctly on your computer. Installation of the monitor could not have been easier as the software drivers we included on Compact Disk, and updates were available on Samsungs Website.

The monitor has an auto display where it form fits the screen to a clear automatic picture, without the hassle of clicking needless buttons to center your picture on the screen. In addition there are menu buttons for brightness, contrast, picture locations, and an auto button which automatically adjusts the screen to a near perfect display for games, reading, or just surfing the web. Some of the standard controls that are included with this monitor are: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Language, OSD Controls, Factory Reset, Input Select, Color Adjust, Position, and Sharpness.

Samsung 3/3/3 Year Warranty Parts/Labor/Backlight

With a larger LCD screen the monitor comes standard with a 3 year warranty that covers parts, labor, and the backlight.

My experience with Samsung has always been pleasant, even with all the equipment I have used and purchased over the years little of that equipment has been serviced or returned for repair. However the information provided is highly helpful and should be kept for your records anyway. Call Samsung a toll-free at (1-800-SAMSUNG) technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and an Advanced Replacement Program. Samsung has a website as well for driver updates, information, and technical support you may want to visit from time to time:

Active Matrix Display

This is a technology used in by flat panel liquid crystal displays like laptops or notebook computers. Also know as a TFT (Thin Film Transistor), Active Matrix displays provide a wider range of viewing angle along with a more responsive image than a dual scan (Passive Matrix) display. Even though passive matrix displays have this technology, your picture clarity and quality will almost always look better with the Active Matrix display.


The Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor is honestly targeted towards the Pro A/V marketplace and commercial industries. Ideally the digital signage applications could easily be used in financial institutions, large malls for advertisement, applications in airport terminals, or any public facility where presentations or information is continuously running. The Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor is also perfect for videoconferencing applications in conference rooms and boardrooms.

In addition the 400P gives you a complete array of connectivity options. With these options you can control up to 10 monitors from a single PC platform computer and build a towering wall of video monitors (up to 16) without the need for additional equipment or controllers. If your company needs a larger LCD for video conferencing, and contains some seriously good connectivity features, than the Samsung SM400P 40” LCD Monitor is a recommended choice. The budget you can easily expect is near $2,000, but the benefits are apparent if it is used as a tool to train and communicate within the company.

The monitor is recommend for serious businesses users as the specifications and features are that of a extremely high end expensive unit, however the price point at about $2,000 makes for a serious considerations of businesses users looking for a high quality unit. Also keep in mind the benefits of being able to communicate between offices, train larger audiences, or even show off a fantastic presentation to a client.

Again touching on major picture specifications, the monitor is clearly superior to nearly every monitor we have used in the past in terms of quality, picture clarity, versatility, and performance of both colors and presentations. Zenith performances were recorded in terms of clairty of picture, videoconferencing, and presentation quality.

Overall our company is very please with this monitor, it is serving us as both a training tool and communication tool for our corporation. As a final recommendation, some of the optional equipment is listed below, we purchased the wall mount from Samsung and the protective glass. A wise investment as the glass offers scratch protection, and easier cleaning.


At or other major On-line retailers like for about $2,000.

Platform PC
Monitor Type Flat Panel LCD TFT (Active Matrix)
Viewable Picture Size 40 in.
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Max. Resolution 1366 x 768
Brightness 500 cd/m
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.648(H) x 0.218(V)
Dot Pitch 0.648 mm
Color Depth 24-bit (16.7M Colors)
Power Consumption 280 Watt
Exterior Color Black • Silver

The Samsung SyncMaster 400P is a 40 inch analog/digital LCD display that offers a 800:1 contrast ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution, pixel pitch of 0.650mm H/V, Xtrawide 170/170 degrees viewing angle, scanning frequency of 30-70kHz horizontal and 50-85 vertical, and dual inputs to accommodate either an analog or digital signal.

Form Factor Desktop
Digital Video Input Standard DVI-D
Synchronization Range - Vertical 50 - 85 Hz
Synchronization Range - Horizontal 31 - 70 kHz
Max. Viewing Angle - Horizontal 170
Max. Viewing Angle - Vertical 170

Horiz. Frequency 31-70 KHz (Analog) / 31-50 (Digital)
Vertical Frequency 50-85
Bandwidth 100 MHz

Audio Output Speaker(s)
Regulatory Approval FCC Class B • CE

Height 24.78 in.
Width 38.23 in.
Depth 8.78 in.
Weight 23 lb.

Input Video Signal
Analog RGB, BNC, DVI-D, CVBS Video, S-Video, Component Video
Video Level Analog: 0-7VP-P, Digital TDMSTM
Sync Type Separate H/V, Composite H/V, SOG
Input Connectors D-Sub, DVD-D, S-Video, Audio

Optional Equipment
Speaker SP-L400PB(S)
Wall Mount WMB-4050PS
Protection Glass
Stand STN-L323TB(S)

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