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Tres Cool
by mjfrombuffalo
Oh yeah, I like this idea!


Brevity is wit. -- said by someone sometime but I'm too lazy to look it up
Nov 26, 2002
4:29 am PST

by Don_Krider
...That number scares me!

Don :)
Nov 26, 2002
5:24 am PST

Very interesting concept.
by LatteChick
You propose an interesting challenge. I accept! Now, let’s see if I can find my long-winded self something to write about!

Nov 26, 2002
6:30 am PST

What a poop!
by granimal
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hey...can I join?
Nov 26, 2002
7:15 am PST

I Like the Number
by angel011
Great idea -- I'm one of those who roll their eyes at long reviews. I'll give it a try, though I can't promise anything.

Nov 26, 2002
7:21 am PST

by lemon_lime
count me in. i hope many movie reviewers choose to accept as well, things have gotten a bit out of hand at times, with the length of some reviews, and it'll be nice to see some short and sweet ones. (though you should email artbyjude in case she doesn't read this - i would LOVE to see her try and be brief. NOT a slight jude, i love your reviews, i just think this challenge might be hardest for you... :)

good idea for a write-off, i'm excited.

Nov 26, 2002
7:38 am PST

Re: Tres Cool
by sleeper54
Hey mj...I take it that is an acceptance...:-?)

Too late...I already added you to the list...

' 666 words ?? The devil made me pick it...:-) '
Nov 26, 2002
7:59 am PST

Re: "666"
by sleeper54
Hey Don. Was that an acceptance of the challenge??

I hope it is. I wasn't sure. Let me know and I'll add you to the list...:-)

And 'call out' all your music pals. You guys and gals can 'write deep' with anyone. It'll be a real challenge for all !!

' Why 666 words ?? The devil made me pick it...:-) '
Nov 26, 2002
8:03 am PST

Re: Very interesting concept.
by sleeper54
Alright !!

I went to check your user-page and you already have a 'Lean-n-mean' review up !!

Way to go Becka !! Our first logged entry !!

' Why am I feeling like a HS cheerleader ?? I only wish I could wear that little outfit...not!! '
Nov 26, 2002
8:07 am PST

Re: What a poop!
by sleeper54
Hey there.

Everyone is welcome. Even you...:-)

But remember...a product review...OK ??

' crossing my fingers...:-) '
Nov 26, 2002
8:09 am PST

Re: I Like the Number
by sleeper54
Hey there. What do you mean you "can't promise anything" ??

We expect something 'horrific' from you, OK ?!?

' 666 words ? Sounded better than 700...:-) '
Nov 26, 2002
8:14 am PST

Re: ...
by sleeper54
Hey Chad, thanks for 'buying in' early...:-)

And please do recruit all your 'movies' and 'music' buddies. They will be the real test of this write-off...:-)

Nov 26, 2002
8:17 am PST

I'm in!!!
by drdevience
Now which movie shall I do...hmmmmmm Oh Tom this is gonna fun!

~Lori, who hopes you get 666 entrants too

Nov 26, 2002
8:34 am PST

Re: I'm in!!!
by sleeper54
Hey Lori. Nice to see you in here...:-)

"666 entrants" Yikes!!

I am already falling behind...:-) I would have to hire a secretary...

"Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of voice, but out of chaos." —Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Nov 26, 2002
8:43 am PST

I'm game.
by unhappycarrie
Sign me up. My reviews have been getting longer and longer so this is really going to be a challenge for me!
666 - Zoinks!
Nov 26, 2002
10:15 am PST

What the dilly?
by d_fienberg
My movie review tend to average well over 2000 words each. So this should be a hoot and a holler! If this is my lowest rated review ever, I'll hold you personally responsible!

But I'm in...

Nov 26, 2002
10:37 am PST

by annecal
Ok, I'm in! Great idea- 666 words, huh?!

Nov 26, 2002
10:39 am PST

666 words? That's just for the opening paragraph, right?
by mfunk75
My movie reviews have been getting longer and loonnggeerr and looonnnnggggeeerrr ever since I got here. It's becoming a real problem.

So I accept your challenge, Tom. Is there a prize for the shortest review? Or maybe shortest review that still gets a VH rating? Just asking...

Nov 26, 2002
11:35 am PST

by proxam
I'm in.

Nov 26, 2002
11:41 am PST

by proxam
I've already got into the mode with that comment!

Nov 26, 2002
11:43 am PST

No problem...
by 4-1-1
I'll look into adding a couple.


Tom / 4-1-1
Nov 26, 2002
11:53 am PST

Count me in!
by AEOakley
In fact, I've already submitted a book review!

What's funny (to me, anyway!) is that it's a revised/updated review from a couple years ago. I added information, and it's still well-under your word-limit.

I guess my reviews have all gotten lengthier as the years have gone by, but personally I usually like the short-but-sweet reviews better, especially when it comes to kid books.

This is a great W/O idea -- thanks for opening it up to everybody!

Nov 26, 2002
1:39 pm PST

Are Make Up reviews allowed?
by elainehn
If so, here's mine ... Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Singles - which I believe comes in at 541 words included the ingredient list.

Let me know if there's anything more I need to do.

Nov 26, 2002
1:58 pm PST

I admit it!
by panguitch
I have a problem.

"Hello everybody. My name is Panguitch. And I can't stop typing."

I think I'm averaging 1700 words. My longest is 3600 (though it's in the process of being surpassed).

Reigning it in is a challenge for me--even though concision is something I value when rating reviews. After a point, the longer a review is, the less helpful it becomes unless it's very artfully written.

So, fully aware of my weakness and not entirely hopeful at my chances, I'm tentatively accepting the challenge. I just don't know what to review!
Nov 26, 2002
2:50 pm PST

Re: I'm game.
by sleeper54
Hey Carrie,

Welcome aboard !! I'll get your name up ASAP.

Look forward to reading your stuff!!

Nov 26, 2002
4:36 pm PST

Re: What the dilly?
by sleeper54
Hey Dan!

Just for you I 'counted' some 'VH' reviews in 'movies' for you:

Movies: 686 to 2202 words...average: 871!!

And yes, I threw out one of yours as one of the two longest...:-)

Glad to see you aboard !!


Nov 26, 2002
4:40 pm PST

by tbthorn

Count me in.

Brevity is a Virtue.

Nov 26, 2002
5:20 pm PST

Re: 666 words? That's just for the opening paragraph, right?
by sleeper54
Hey Mike,

Glad to see you stepping up...:-)

See my reply to Dan's comment earlier for my quick numbers on 'movies' reviews. I thought 'books' writers could be long-winded...:-)

Nov 26, 2002
5:26 pm PST

Re: Yikes!!
by sleeper54
Hey Annie!

Yep, 666 words...:-)

Piece of cake, no ??

Nov 26, 2002
5:30 pm PST

Re: !
by sleeper54
Hey Drew!

Glad to see 'food and housing' jumping in here...:-)

We look forward to seeing your sweet, short stuff...:-!

Nov 26, 2002
5:32 pm PST
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