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saladmaster VS Nutriply
by ruthm75
Saladmaster is just an over priced cookware with a commission level selling. you can buy similar products for 1/3 of the price. I just bought a set from nutriply which is even better than saladmaster. Saladmaster team is not telling the truth, they have to lie to their customers to get a set sold by telling that 316 Ti is patented, this is a lie, you can’t patent a grade of metal, it is like if someone claims they have patented 14 K gold. Saladmaster is being dishonest to their own customer.

They don’t even understand the physic of evenly heat distribution. This is a lie too by telling the people that saladmaster sets are evenly distributing the heat. Just do a Flour Test in saladmaster and you will see how evenly the heat is being distributed. You will see hot spots and not evenly browning and this will also happen to your steak or chicken VS Nutriply will get evenly brown. Just pur some white flour so the bottom inside is covered and leave it on the stove at medium to low heat for 3-5 min. soo n you will see the hot spots.

They claim to have the best cookware on the market. This is a lie. The removable handles are horrible because there are cases where people burned them self. just imagine you are cooking a HOT SOUP, and your handles don’t click 100%, so you pick up the hot cookware from the stove top and what happens next ??? Please don’t have your children near the stove if you are using saladmaster sets.

And if you are buying saladmaster you are paying for 8 different level of commission, it is not like you get what you pay for, not at all, you pay for a lot of different people
their commission is like
Master Dealer (even here they have different levels of dealers)
G Managers
Senior Consultant
now please tell me who is paying for these people ?????? of course you are, you are not paying for a high grade cookware but for all those people
you can even try nutriply before you buy. Have you ever asked saladmaster to give you 1 or 2 pieces to try??? do you think they would??? no they will not give you anything because they want you to buy so they can get their commission. They will pressure you and make you believe their stories.
Sep 5, 2012
1:10 am PDT

duncan hines cookware same as saladmaster?
by gardenersails
I see all these comments about Saladmaster yet my original comments were about Duncan Hines cookware. Are they the same??? Have had DH for 40 years and still love them and use them daily. At 67 yr old, I grew up with my parents having the DH so I bought as a newlywed as did my 43 yr old son.
Aug 25, 2012
7:21 am PDT

Re: lets be realistic
by svetik624
Any more opinions on Nutriply? They do not have a lot of feedback, but seem like a good quality product
Aug 24, 2012
10:58 pm PDT

Re: lets be realistic
by glendat1155
Nutriply is a knock-off product. For one thing they don't the longevity of Saladmaster. When I looked at their website, the product was SIMILAR, but not the real McCoy. With Saladmaster there is a dealer who who upholds the lifetime guaranty. No matter how long you own your Saladmaster cookware, if something is broken you can get it replaced. Cost is one thing and real VALUE is something else all together.
Jun 29, 2012
5:31 am PDT

by glendat1155
Thank you!

Jun 26, 2012
3:19 pm PDT

Re: Saladmaster is a SCAM PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!
by glendat1155
Saladmaster is the only cookware I use daily!

This cookware is sold by direct sales which is the same as a car dealership. An authorized dealer can be found and you go visit and see that Saladmaster is a legitimate business with customer service and more. I have access to free cooking classes at our dealer who shows us how to use the Saladmaster.

Why do I use Saladmaster the highest quality cookware on the market? View these videos and decide for yourself.
Talk to real people about any questions you may have.
Jun 26, 2012
2:50 pm PDT

Re: lets be realistic
by glendat1155
Let's be realistic, most people do not research the real significance of grades of stainless steel. Saladmaster is the Rolls Royce of cookware. There is as much wrong with selling RRs by dealership as it is to sell Saladmaster by dealership. Anyone who wants to know the significance of surgical stainless steel 316Titanium. To get more details for yourself visit 2 websites:

There are some imposters out there. Remember, PRICE is not the only factor to consider how.

FAMILY LEGACY - My parents got a set of Saladmaster in the 50’s and when I seen a dinner demonstration, I immediately bought my own set. Should I have children in the future, I’ll be happy to know their food will be also cooked on the best cookware in the world. Liza Loyola, Ca
Jun 26, 2012
2:37 pm PDT

lets be realistic
by salamati
I for one am a true believer in the waterless, grease less cooking and unlike what saladmaster wants you to believe that they are the only company that has the 316 titanium cookware, its not true, i was very close to buying an entire set from them when i decided to do some research and came across Nutriply, they offer amazing prices that almost everyone can afford and no B.S. their product is actually better then saladmaster as far as quality and design, they offer so much more than just cookware. with a lifetime warranty, everyone i know who wanted to buy from saladmaster has changed their minds and saved alot of money and got better deals and products.there is so much information on their website that help you understand what the whole 316ti or stainless steel is all about. hope i could save someone's money before they throw it away for something so ridiculously expensive.
Apr 4, 2012
12:23 am PDT

by bunkygirl
As adults, we all have the "choice" to decide whether to invest or not. If people need to finance their purchase, then they do need to read the agreement. The agreement is no different than other agreements out there. If it's the only way you can purchased this fine product, then do so. You can always apply for a lower priced credit card or bank loan and pay off the balance with that. There is no early pay off charge. Don't forget, you're also building credit when you finance your purchases. It allows for most individuals to invest in the finest quality cookware that they will have for a lifetime and be able to pass down to their kids. It's an investment in your health and the health of your loved ones. It's a product that's made in America with a lifetime warranty. Not many of those out there anymore. It's made with the finest quality stainless steel and Titanium. It's pure stainless steel, not SCRAP METAL stainless! Hence, the price tag! You get what you pay for! Cheap things aren't good and good things aren't cheap!
Dec 12, 2011
2:59 am PST

Re: SaladMaster -- Satisfied Consumer
by bunkygirl
You should use your new set as the metal is a much finer grade now than when you first invested. I recommend giving your old set to a family member, donating it or using it for camping. Just like anything, technology does improve so you should use the new technology in the new set of cookware. Enjoy and here's to your health.
Dec 12, 2011
2:49 am PST

Re: Saladmaster is a SCAM PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!
by bunkygirl
You have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about. Shame on you for giving false information to the public who read this site! All Clad cookware is far less superior to Saladmaster cookware. Both are expensive choices, however, you get what you pay for. With Saladmaster, you get surgical grade 316ti stainless steel w/titanium. All Clad is 18/10 stainless steel (which Saladmaster was when it first came out in 1946!) Saladmaster cookware is made in America (Wisconsin) All Clad is made in America (Pennsylvania), however, they do tell you that they get their steel from CHINA! Chinese stainless is considered to be SCRAP METAL! So if you love and are eating on ALL CLAD, you could very well be eating somebodies trash can! All those "famous" chefs do get paid to use the different kinds of cookware they're promoting or cooking on. Because of the fine quality, metals, manufacturing and processing of Saladmaster, this cookware cannot be massed produced. It's the Rolls Royce of the industry and for good reason. If you truly care about the health and well-being of your family, then you can't put a price on the very last thing that touches your food before consumption. As far as commissions, consultants only get them when a set is sold, and every single one that I have met don't do this business for the money. They do it for the mission! "We Change Lives!" So as far as your comments, do more research before slamming a company. Nothing worse than ignorance when it comes to opinions.
Dec 12, 2011
2:45 am PST

SaladMaster -- Satisfied Consumer
by bonzie2
I have had SaladMaster pans since the 60's and they are as good as they were then. Many years ago, I accidentally left a burner on and severely burned the inside of one of the pans until it was covered in black gunk. After contacting a SaladMaster rep, I discovered it would clean up. It did but took some elbow grease. The most difficult part of using it was learning that I needed to use much lower heat than I thought.

I have inherited a much newer complete set of SaladMaster including the electric skillet but do not need it since my old set is perfectly good. Guess I will sell it if I can find an outlet.

Apr 15, 2011
7:00 am PDT

by jmc01
Buyers beware. Dont get roped into a finance contract with SaladMaster. You need a lawyer to read terms and conditions. The cookware is overpriced and there is no escape from contract - it only favors SaladMaster and not the consumer. Do not get roped into their agreements!!!
Jan 19, 2011
12:21 pm PST

duncan hines cookware by regal ware
by gardenersails
In the 50'-60's as I was a teen, my parents had this set of cookware. As a newly wed I got a set of them. Then my youngest son, who learned to cook at home, got married,and he purchased a set. My father still had one of the pans when he died at age 89.The only reason any had been replaced is after 50+ years the handles had failed...not the pans themselves. I and my son use ours daily and have never been let down by the quality. The frypan has not been a favorite with the advent of good non-stick but the rest of the pans will go on and on, and I challenge anyone to find fault with the rest of the set. Too bad they are now unavailable. The pans say triple ply and 18/8 stainless by Reagal Ware. Top quality even in today's market.
Oct 13, 2010
5:27 am PDT

I think there is some misinformation here
by drcindysummers
I purchased my Saladmaster set and it was the best investment I ever made in cookware. I have a full time wellness clinic and I do presentations for Saladmaster as a hobby. I do not get paid if there are no sales. That is an outright lie.

The reason why I promote Saladmaster to my patients, friends and family is because people need to understand about heavy metal toxicity. Saladmaster is the only cookware that is made from 316 Titanium Stainless Steel. It is nonporous so it can withstand heat without leaching metals into your food. No other company does the pollution test because they won't pass it.

Do your research on the types of metals that you use to cook on. Those chefs get paid to cook on that cookware they use on tv. Alclad also fails the pollution test.

It's for you to decide. Do your research on the types of metals that cookware is made of. You will only want 316Ti Stainless Steel when you are educated about the different types of steel.
Sep 20, 2010
9:43 pm PDT

Saladmaster is a SCAM PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!
by jayman5555
Don't buy these OVERPRICED cookware sets. Regal Ware Worldwide produces these stainless steel waterless pots and pans which are then stamped with different names such as Saladmaster or Classica etc...

All professional worldwide culinary chefs use ALL-CLAD products. Not only is All-Clad lower priced, they are better quality. You don't see any celebrity chefs or Chef Champions using Saladmaster.

Don't be fooled by this pyramid scam and don't be fooled by the dinner presentations. The workers for Saladmaster who do the dinner presentations get a commission regardless if they sell or not. What a scam. What's even more stupid is they are asking YOUR FRIENDS to come to the dinner so they can fool not only you but your friends.

I can't emphasize how overpriced these pots are when you can get better cookware by All-Clad at a lower price.

Bottom line is nobody in the cooking industry uses Saladmaster. The pros use All-Clad.

Saladmaster = ridiculously overpriced (so the sellers can make commission off the sales)

All-Clad = lower priced, better quality.

Aug 12, 2010
11:52 pm PDT

Miracle Maid Cookware - THE BEST
by visari26
I have owned my Miracle Maid cookware for 29 years. I have left it in the oven, burned oil in it, abused it in many ways (unintentionally, of course) and it is still the best cookware I have ever owned.
May 16, 2010
3:13 pm PDT

30-some years later ...
by cmho
Demo dinners are indeed a 50-year-old sales model and I guess they still work! Back in the day, it was enough to say "free food" to get friends to attend, and we all hosted a dinner. The amazing "world's best" waterless cookware we were buying was Miracle Maid and most who bought anything were sheepish, I think we paid about two hundred dollars for it back when a "regular" sauce pan cost 5 bucks.

Half a lifetime and a dozen moves around the country later, I still have all my pans and lids and host extras, too, despite the occasional hullabaloo about aluminum vs. steel(s) vs. enamel vs. cast iron, and what we should be cooking on based on what putative rationale. Apparently my "lifetime warranty" is still in force though I have never asked for so much as a replacement knob. I have the extra two handles supplied originally in my kitchen "junk drawer" in case I ever need one.

It sounds like modern sales reps take a slightly different tact. Ours talked about the "enemy" being that $5 pan. He was right, too. The enemy of a $400 All Clad copper core from WS is a 2nd hand or NIB pan found on EBay, Craigslist, or another site, or at a neighborhood garage sale.

I also cook on an ancient Sunbeam electric skillet, 2nd hand when I got it, does just what it said it would, no more no less. So I guess I won't be buying the Saladmaster oil core skillet anytime soon, though a West Bend Lektro Maid Electric Miracle Skillet/Griddle did catch my eye on EBay. I'll pick up one of those if mine ever wears out.
Feb 1, 2008
10:02 pm PST

Re: Saladmaster is the Best!
by madeyourmolars
Yes and no. Yesterday my wife and I attended a Saladmaster dinner. Our experience was almost identical to all the others mentioned in this and other blogs, message boards etc. Like many of you I was truely impressed with the set and after a long, but not agressive, debate he admitted he did have a smaller less expensive set than the one he was trying to sell me originally. By the end I wairily agreed to buy the Starter kit and promise to host a dinner within the week with all the usual deferred payments and premiums. All told about $1,200.
By the way what comes in the kit?
As naturally as can be he looked around and said "Oh, everything that's here as a matter of fact" pointing to the stove top where, sure enough, all the realitive shiny pieces sat freshly cleaned and perfectly displayed. "Oh, except for the Oil Core Skillet"
Did anyone else notice that the meal that was prepared used only and everything in the starter kit... other than the Oil Core Electric Skillet which was by far the main focus?
This all started to seem a little suspicious. I'm not stupid, I know they will entice you with the good stuff to tempt you in to buying all the crap....But, I did notice that there was A LOT of stuff that seemed to be available for "free". By this I meant I could, by a combination of hosting dinners and collecting Salad Dollars I could pretty much get the whole restof the collection for free.....about $10,000 worth. Meanwhile I was informed the rep gets paid if I cancel my dinner, no one buys anything at all. Uh, what?
It gets better, anyone who goes on ebay can check Saladmaster...just for fun, sort by price: highest to lowest. Go ahead, I'll wait
Whoa!!!look at that, for approximately 1,500 you can BUY NOW the entire Super deluxe bells and whistles be the envy of the SaladMaster Community Uber ONE TENTH THE LIST PRICE.
OK, here is my humble opinion after some really sketchy investigation:
FACT:There are at least 35 cookware companies that manufacture Waterless Greaseless Stainless Steel cooking systems.
FACT: Over 95% of these companies are owned by Regal Ware Worldwide
Fact: They have been selling this product (which has evolved) and concept using direct marketing since 1956...This is nothing new, but without national advertising, print ads, retail outlets you have never heard of it
SPECULATION:You get nothing for free...that 1200 for the most basic package does in fact pay for everything, but if you host a few dinners you expose 4-6 people some of whom will check ebay OR feel superior because they bought the Classica at a third of the SaladMaster
By the way about 5 years ago people who sat for a hosted Classica dinner felt superior because they found the West Bend system, or the one by DreamWare, Home Makers Guild, Kitchen Kraft,Thermo Core, Wonder Ware or any of dozens of others, all of whom are owned by Regal Ware
FACT: Regal Ware is THE LARGEST manufacturer of Aluminum Cookware in the world. They were the first to introduce Teflon, Annodized cookware and other decorative designs which more or less EXACTLY describes the kind of cookware you should be afraid of according to the Baking Soda Test I'm sure you all took.

They are marketing geniusses. They hide the product, create a demand, make alternatives available now that you are aware of this product and have an idea what to look for, and sell it to you anyway for the fair market value and still make a profit.
I actually feel thay artifically inflate the price to drive you to look for the alternatives which are in fact from different branches of the same corporation OR you buy it straight out for an 00 markup...Oh maybe that's how they still can afford to pay for a no sale or host cancelation

To be fair this sinister view could not work and be remotely successful if the product was crap.
All opinions I have read from all incarnations of the technology, materials, product and related systems have been astoundingly positive. Yeah, they complain about the price and brag about getting a better deal here or there, but no one really complains about the quality, which is crucial with a lifetime warranty. Especially if that warranty goes null and void as soon as you buy the set somewhere other than a representitve or sell it to a second owner.

I actually am going to by the system because I happen to think it's a good product, but I'm done with Regal Ware Direct Sales.

PS Regal ware also owns Duncan Hines...remember the cake mix
Check out
It's a guide for replacement parts to waterless cooking systems, count how many "owned by RegalWare" companies. I stopped counting after 27
Also check click the corporate history link, it's all there.
For all of you who still aren't convinced and swear that the SaladMaster's 316L composition is far superior

You will notice the difference between 304 and and 316L is less than %2 Molybdenum
316L is classified NAUTICAL grade because of it's resistance to salt compounds. I didn't see anything about Surgical Steel
U.S. Surgical Steel Inc, however advertised through West Bend Manufacturing...Guess who owns West Bend?

Good luck with your vegetable cakes
Oct 28, 2007
10:10 am PDT

Saladmaster is the Best!
by maria777
I would just like to clarify a few things about cookware - stainless steel in particular. Saladmaster is the ONLY cookware that uses 316L surgical stainless steel. It is VERY expensive. The rest (Classica, Lifetime, Royal Prestige) use at best 304 Surgical stainless steel. The difference is like comparing a real diamond to cubic. 304 is what plumbers use - 316L is what doctors use.

I understand not everyone thinks they can afford Saladmaster. Not true. Have a dinnner - no obligation and see for yourself. Taste the difference in the food.

Everyone "compares" to salamaster. Why be almost like it? Why not buy the right thing?

Regalware maks a variety of cookware - but Saladmaster is their signature line - Regalware OWNS Saladmaster. Now do you understand why it is the BEST of the BEST??

Try it - you will absolutely love it!!

Oct 16, 2007
7:41 pm PDT

Re: Excellent cookware, overpriced, hard sell
by gizmo705ok
I thought this article was very informative and (pardon my naivete) not too saleman-ish. I agree with its contents.
My first experience with Classica cookware was a "test" show. We had no intention of buying and the presenter knew that. Even so, when he got done presenting the baking soda test. We were pretty much sold. All of my aluminum cookware was removed from the house (by myself and husband). Over the next year or two, even my beloved copper-bottom Revereware left. After the original set that we bought, I bought a Stock pot with strainer, a 3 Quart (not sold in the normal sets) and a double griddle.

I cringe at the thought of eating at other peoples' house because I can clearly taste the difference. Especially Teflon and Cast Iron. If you like the taste of food cooked in Cast Iron then really what you like is the taste of the Cast Iron and not so much the food. And that's okay if that is what you like (or if you truly can't taste the difference, which is possible).

I love my Classica cookware, and even though it is pricey, it is the only cookware I will use anymore. (Thank goodness for the lifetime warrantee, huh?)
Yes, Classica (and all waterless/greaseless cookware) is expensive. But the health benefit, durability, energy savings and the food savings (even if it is 40% of only your meat and vegy grocery bill) is well worth the investment. I would have bought a new set of cheap pans at least once by now anyway.
And "no", I promise I am not a salesperson for ANY waterless/greaseless cookware. Just a woman in love with her cookware. :-)
Mar 16, 2007
2:52 pm PDT

Saladmaster Rules!
by myopincounts
You truley get what you pay for! I recently bought some Saladmaster cookware and couldn't be happier. It has really reduced the cooking time and cleanup. They are versital and the food does taste much better. I feel the food is also more nutritious cooked with saladmaster cookware.

Jun 30, 2006
9:36 am PDT

Excellent cookware, overpriced, hard sell
by brucefraser
Unfortunately, this review reads as though it were written by a SaladMaster salesperson: it contains most of the elements of the "party" talk that they give... I've been to two of them now.

Several years back I was searching for cookware and did a lot of reading and research. Based on that, I can say that SaladMaster is the best cookware I've ever seen in my life. (I haven't seen Classica ( but it looks identical.) Stainless steel, multi-ply up the sides--which All-Clad has as well--with some nifty convenience features and the oil-free cooking system which is a nice plus (and which All-Clad doesn't have).

However, you pay a premium price for this stuff. By my estimate it's 30-40% more than All-Clad, which is awfully nice cookware. I have some All-Clad, some anodized aluminum (Calphalon) and a few other odds and ends. I like my All-Clad best. However, if I were to win the lottery and felt like blowing way too much money on cookware, of if I cooked for a living, I'd buy SaladMaster.

The crying shame is that their sales pitch is so over the top. They play all sorts of mind games and tricks at their "parties". I think that it's because although they have a great product, they know that they're asking you to pay much more than it's worth. I see some of those tricks in the review, as well.

For example, the famous baking soda test comes out with All-Clad almost as good as SaladMaster: hardly any bitter taste. However, I noticed at the second "party" I attended that they chose a wider All-Clad pan so that more water boiled off and left a stronger concentration of baking soda in the All-Clad pan. Besides, who has noticed this supposed bitter taste? I cook with anodized aluminum and don't notice any difference... perhaps it's because I don't cook baking soda in water very often. :)

As for copper-bottom cookware, I have an old stainless steel pot with a *heavy* copper bottom (not the painted-on copper bottoms you find in dollar stores). The guy who did the second "party" I attended claimed that the copper would "leech through" the stainless steel and into my food. Uhh... right. There's a reason that they invite you to these parties hosted by your friends... it's so that when they come out with howlers like that one, you don't call them d*mned liars and roll on the floor laughing. :)

At the first "party" there were several young families, and the guy used every opportunity to tell them (indirectly, of course) that if they didn't buy SaladMaster then they didn't care about their kids' health. He even went so far as to claim that obesity in children is all because they don't eat SaladMaster-prepared food (as if Nintendo and TV have nothing to do with juvenile obesity).

The health claims are overrated as well. True, if you cook at low heat you destroy less vitamin and mineral content in the food. Unfortunately, you also break down less of a vegetable's cellular structure, making it harder for your body to extract the food value in it. So, you win on one hand and lose on the other. Low heat = better nutrition is not the slam-dunk they make it out to be, although most people badly overcook their food, so SaladMaster would be an improvement in most cases.

Then there's the famous "you'll save 40% on your food bill" claim. What he doesn't tell you is that SaladMaster cookware can't save you 40% on bottles of ketchup, bread, milk, and juice. If he were honest he would ask you to estimate what you spend on meat and vegetables alone, not on your entire food bill, but the point is to sell, not to inform.

Don't get me wrong: I think that this is great cookware, and if $2000 to $3000 is no big deal to you then buy it. However, it is way overpriced for what you get, and it's a crying shame that you have to suffer through two hours of half-truths and pressure tactics in order to buy it.
Mar 22, 2006
4:47 pm PST

Re: Re: I second the motion!
by bddailymom
Thanks for your comments and recommendation of Classica. As I mentioned in another review, I've wanted the S/M pans ever since I went to the party, but there's no way we can afford even 2K for the used on Ebay.

Dec 30, 2005
6:17 pm PST

Re: Re: Aluminum cookware or salad master?
by bddailymom
Thanks for posting about Classica, especially about the price. I went to a S/M dinner and have been salivating over those pans ever since--even used ones on Ebay, but there's no way we can cough up even $2K for used.

Dec 30, 2005
6:16 pm PST

Re: Aluminum cookware or salad master?
by dmshade3
I agree about cooking ON aluminum. But, even Saladmaster has aluminum in it - BETWEEN layers of Stainless Steel.

Saladmaster is great stuff, but is also the most expensive of the "waterless, greaseless stainless steel" cookwares available.

Depending on where you live, I would recommend getting Classica, by Regalware. Classica is JUST LIKE Saladmaster, but is less expensive. They do the same baking soda test on their demonstrations (I LOVE my Classica cookware!) and it costs about HALF the price. You can find out MUCH MORE about Classica at and you can find out more about Saladmaster at . You will find by looking at them both that they are very much the same, and in fact they actually come off the same assembly line at Regalware.

You can request to see a Classica demonstration on their site and from there you can make your own decision.

But on thing is for sure - you got exactly the point from the Saladmaster dinner! I hope you enjoy your cookware as much as I have enjoyed mine!

Aug 17, 2003
8:39 am PDT

Aluminum cookware or salad master?
by barsun123

I just attended a saladmaster dinner and was told strongly that aluminum cookware is my enemy. They had me taste water with backing soda cooked in several different pots. WOW, either they pulled a fast one on me or I will never cook in anything but Saladmaster.
Can anyone tell me about cooking in Aluminum cookware? This seems to be the key for me.

Thank You,
Aug 16, 2003
9:10 pm PDT

Re: I second the motion!
by dmshade3
Hey, that is great

I myself prefer Classica, by Regalware. Regalware owns and manufactures Saladmaster, as well as several other brands. They also just bought ALL of the West Bend cookware!

I own 2 sets of Classica. I selected it because the handles click off! Then, you can put the unit in the oven and NOT even use hot pad holders to take it out - just click the handles on!

Anyways, I am glad we all agree - quality cookware makes the difference!
Feb 19, 2003
10:06 am PST

Hello and Welcome!
by amyk49, amyk49 is an Advisor on Epinions in Home and Garden
Now that was really quite informative! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Next time I'm purchasing cookware I'll definitely be looking for West Bend or Regalware.

Welcome to Epinions, and enjoy the site :)

Dec 3, 2002
8:15 am PST

Welcome to Epinions!
by MumMumMum
Very informative first review! I know I've purchased a few "almost as good" sets of cookware in my time, and have been "almost satisfied" every time!

Keep writing!

Dec 3, 2002
5:24 am PST
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