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Dec 12, 2002 (Updated Dec 15, 2002)

The Bottom Line The top 10 rappers ever in my opinion

I am new to epinions, but I think I know somthing about rap. Here are some of the best rappers, solo and group, in my opinion. And by reading the bottom line, don't expect me to name some weak overrated rappers that commercial hip hop has to offer. Here is my list:

Honorable Mentions
Mos Def
Tight and smooth flows that grace the mic with intelligence and thought.

Buc 50 Sensational rapper.

MC Serch Nice raps, simply put.

Killa Cam Not now when he is with the ROC, back in the days when he surrounded himself with talented MCs that could really rock the mic like Herb Mcgruff and Big L. Too bad those days are over(sigh)....

Jedi Mind Tricks Tight underground group with cold beats and nice flows. Try to name one commercial group touching them. It's a hard task!

The Top 10...

10). Herb Mcgruff
True MC who used to hang around the with the likes of Big L and his crew. Nice lyrics with a flow to match. He is at the 10 spot because I haven't heard well enough songs to match 8-1.

9). Talib Kweli
Kweli comes hard with tight flows and nice beats. I liked Hi-tek's "Breakin Bread" where Talib truly killed the track with his flow.

7). Jeru the Damaga
True rap fans know the name Jeru. Nice topics(not the Bienz and his ice) with a lyrics to go along with it. He is at the 7 spot because I haven't heard good enough songs to match 6-1.

6). Nas
Nas is a street poet. Poetry mixed with true street obviously makes a great combination, because he is definitely one of the best. Illmatic was a absoulute classic and if you don't have it, slap your self. Now.

5). Guru
Guru is an veteran rapper in hip hop. Known for working with the eastcoast beat genius, DJ Premier, he puts the raspy voice in good use(A bad example would be Ja Rule).

4). Notorius B.I.G.
Wait! Don't change to another topic yet. I know some of you are expeciting this name to be in the top 3, but I decided against it. I am not going to say not skilled with flowing, but the next three shines.

3). Big L
My Idol. I was considering putting this name at the top, but decided not to let favoritism get in the way of talent. Crucial flows with amazing lyrics. Rest in Peace...

2). Tupac
Tupac to me is basically at a tie with no. 3 up there. I decided with 2pac only because he had more time to release more matierial than L. Anyway, Pac's verses can be read as paragraphs. Thats why he is remembered as one of the greatest.

The Winner is.....


Rakim is a legend. Flows are the best, and lyrics are amazing. And I can tell you, no is more excited than me with his upcoming album with Dre. From his works with Eric B., he has worked hard to prove he is the best.

Please leave comments. I don't care what you say, even if it is "Man, Ja Rule is WAY better than Rakim! What's yo problem??!!" .

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