Great Sound... when you can hear it

Jan 2, 2007
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These are some very nice and very expensive headphones I purchased. The infrared signal, however, has much to be desired. If I venture too far off center the signal is gone! You can't get more than about 160 degrees from directly in front of the transmitter or you will not hear a blessed thing. Put anything solid or semi-solid between you and the transmitter (like your hands in front of your face) and the signal is gone!

Good headphones... but they just dropped the ball on the infrared dispersal. To compare... I had a Sony MDR-IF5100 infrared set with the MDR-IF5000 Headphones and I could literally put a blanket over my head and still receive the signal. Try that with these and you'll be hearing nothing but silence.

I'm currently on the search for a replacement set of Headphones for my MDR-IF5000 headphones that died on me. They may not have the quality sound as the Pioneer SE-DIR800C Consumer Headphones do,... but at least I know I'll be getting the best signal strength possible and will be able to move around the room or lay way back in my lounge chair without losing or hindering the signal.

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