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Jul 5, 2001
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Pros:Easy to keep on hand .

Cons:Not as easy to operate usually .

The Bottom Line: I recommend everyone have one . They are too cheap and handy for any excuses .

I always keep a manual can opener handy . The electric ones sometimes seem to pick and choose what cans they want to open . For instance I like to buy canned juice . It is easier to just use a manual can opener rather than going through the trouble to position my electric can opener on the side of the counter and hold it steady while waiting for it to do it's job . Another thing you risk is the can falling to the floor and losing the contents .

The best hand held openers in my opinion are the ones with the plastic handles . The all metal ones that are generally cheaper are harder to work . They make my hands hurt . If you have a gas powered house the hand held version can come in handy during a power outage also . I don't know if you have ever tried it , but opening a can with a knife is hard work at best , not to mention dangerous .

Camping is one of my favorite pass times and if you have a socket to open your goods with you just may not really be camping . So , keep a hand held opener handy for these trips . They are small so it is very little trouble to pack one up . Another thing to think about is to keep one in the stock of your storm shelter supplies . Sure , everyone remembers food , water , and batteries , but what are you going to do with the food once you are in the situation you need a way to open it .

Hand held versions have generally easier care . My electric version is not water proof , while my hand held version can just be dropped in the dish washer . I also have little counter space and even a can opener can make my counter tops look crowded . Studies have even shown that using a can opener can make you loose around two pounds a year with just that little bit of extra effort . I would like that everyone keep one of these jewels on hand .

Thank you for reading - sweetycaroline .

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