Vampires and the 80's. What a great combo!

Jul 5, 2001
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Pros:full of 80's 'charm', sexy vampire chicks, and goofy storyline

Cons:the really goth kids might dislike it

The Bottom Line: this is way too funny of a movie to miss. cute 80's vampire cult flick that you really should see!

i don't own a whole lot of videos, but i've had a copy of this movie for some time. as a frequent connoisseur of both vampire and 80's flicks, this movie satisfies both passions without one watering down the other.
the part i dig most about this movie is the vampire isn't the villain. the instances of this in film (especially the 80's!) are pretty rare. the fact that the vampire in question is a skinny little 80's teenager is what really cements this movie as a campy, kitchy cult favorite among it's fans.
our lead character, jeremy, is an average, geeky high school student who chases after an equally geeky high school girl, trying not to freak her out with his increasing vampire quirks. don't forget he's doing this as a misinformed vampire hunter is chasing jeremy and his sidekick in attempts to kill them with the proverbial stake through the heart.
during his escapades we get to watch him hiss at garlic, attempt his jedi mind trick-like powers, wear super dark sunglasses, and drink... pig's blood. yum.
there's actually very little in the way of 'gore', except for a few implied "look, we're drinking pig's blood" scenes. it's all very well done.
also loaded with quasi-sexual moments, indicative of cheesy 80's movies. his parents even confuse his new change in lifestyle with becoming gay. how fun is that? ; )
overall, this is a super funny movie and should reside on the shelves of cult film lovers everywhere.

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