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Best "broom" I ever owned!!

Jan 5, 2007
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Pros:Lightweight and maneuverable, fun and effective!

Cons:Battery a pain to maintain...but after all, it's a battery.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product to replace your broom. I love this product.

I have had my eye on the Swiffer Sweep Vac for a looong time. I was hoping it would go on sale, but I finally gave in and bought it at full price. I didn’t even have a coupon that I had come across in the past. Oh well. It was even worth it at full price! However, if you are reading this near the date I wrote this review (1/5/07) then you may still be able to get a $5 coupon at Swiffer’s website. Just go to www.swiffer.com and click on Promotions.

Assembly of the Swiffer Sweep Vac is very easy. Click the wands together and into the unit and you’re done.

What is absolutely the most important thing to remember with the Swiffer Sweep Vac is taking care of the battery. Do not use the Swiffer Sweep Vac until you have charged the battery for at least 24 hours. Do not cheat with this. I know it’s tempting. You can’t wait to swiffer your house and you probably have dust bunnies waiting. Just don’t do it!

The Swiffer Sweep Vac uses a nickel cadmium battery. To get the longest life out of this type of battery, it’s best to drain it and then give it a full charge. I double-checked by calling Swiffer and they told me this, as well. So, getting that initial charge of 24 hours is very important and I think determines how well the Swiffer Sweep Vac will perform for you.

Okay, so I very impatiently waited the 24 hours until I could use my Swiffer Sweep Vac. Here’s what I think of it:

I LOVE IT!! I was looking for a replacement for the broom. I have linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, tile in the dining room, and wood in the living room, hallway and bedrooms. I wash my wood floors with another product (that I will hopefully be able to review as well), but the floors need to be swept or vacuumed prior to cleaning.

I have young kids and we have mess under the table every day (cereal, etc.) The Swiffer Sweep Vac picks it all up. It ‘s much easier to use than a broom. It is much quicker than a broom. And my favorite part: I don’t have dust bunnies and cat hair flying through the air like I did when using a broom. The vacuum just sucks it all up before it can get airborne. And it's amazing how much the Swiffer cloth picks up off the floor.

And because it is very lightweight and maneuverable, I use it every day. It’s not nearly the chore that sweeping was. My floors are much cleaner now. And when I use it when my floors don’t visibly seem to need it, I am amazed at what is picked up when I empty the canister.

Now, with something like this, it’s hard to run the battery down so that you can give it a full charge (16 hours, per Swiffer). You always want it charged so you can complete the job. The way I deal with taking care of the battery is this: I keep it plugged in all the time, provided I am using it daily. The last time I use in on a given day, I try to run the battery down. If I don’t use it on a given day and it’s fully charged, I unplug it.

After I started using the Swiffer Sweep Vac, I called a friend and told her she must buy one immediately. Soon thereafter, she did. I then kept bugging her, did you try it? Did you try it? She finally got around to charging it. A week or so later (I gave up asking…she was so pokey at using it), I got a call from her. The first thing she said when I answered the phone was “I love my Swiffer Sweep Vac!!!”

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