Mindful Thoughts

Dec 28, 2002

The Bottom Line Prequel to Painful Thoughts

First time you smoke, look good, try not to choke,
Last one was a joke, But this whole album is personal,
stories of my life could fill up a book of records,
but id rather put it on this kind of record, so it lasts forever,
play with words, spit verbs, then flip them in reverse
its like "dick my suck", "you f*ck", then bad becomes worse,
its like "Nas like Rewind" all i need is "One Mic"
got the heart of a soldier, i have never lost one fight,
but the battle i currently face is bad, situation is tight,
only fight i might lose is the fight to break out of my lonely life,
mother f*cker tried to steal from me, so i knocked all his teeth out,
if i go on tv, this whole thing will be bleeped out,
poetry is a part of me, deny it then depart from me,
but im vicious on the mic like a hungry white shark at sea,
i manifest music like the human genetics,
im hectic when i spread it, shocking like static electrics...


My intellect is unmatched, make deals like a market,
wanna spit sharp sh*t, like a shark, you need to park it,
stop, get back, you dont know who you f*ck with,
talkin all that tough sh*t, leave you covered in blood b*tch,
i study Allah, got a book of rhymes with ninety pages,
while im busting lyrical science to even confuse sages,
the world belongs to me, inside my own mentality,
perhaps some day i may turn fantasy into reality,
im caught by the devil's hookshot, i got a crook's cock
my rhymes are hot, even though the book's not,
you dont even understand what im speaking of, dont listen,
im steady p*ssin', im like a Rattlesnake hissin,
waiting to strike at my prey, unleash venom into your arm,
i dont mean with my teeth, i mean with a firearm,
or even with words, cause they hurt more than a clogged artery,
im prophetic and make rules like the town charter see,
like a pregnant female, lost in my own mind of thoughts,
like the mental demons ive fought, the truth, im so caught
the highlights of living, i will never see until i reach the end,
like the way red and blue blend, kill you for the money you spend,
ill use your last paycheck to buy me another Apex,
i would rather kill myself than ever spit some gay sh*t,
got somethin to say? say it, dont hide it from me,
yet you continue to despise me, and patronize me,
im not in it for friends, im in it for juice and gin, only kin,
complicated rhymic patterns even Jesus couldnt comprehend,
its all cerebral thoughts, flashbacks, and brain scenes,
so f*ck the mainstream, and feel the pain scream!

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