Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600S

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600S

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Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600S

Jan 8, 2007 (Updated Dec 24, 2008)
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Pros:Huge 4.5 cubic foot tub, Energy Star rated - reduces water and electric usage.

Cons:Kind of pricey, ul code - "Unbalanced Load" occurs at times

The Bottom Line: So far the Cabrio has been a great choice except for occasional unbalanced load troubles. A great energy and water saver and huge 4.5 cubic foot tub.

After over 13 years of use, our old Maytag washer which was unbelievably dependable finally gave it up. Without a washer, we didn't have the luxury of obsessing over our decision for a long time. After checking out a lot of options, we ended up with the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW. My wife was set on a front loader but after looking at a number of units, the limited space in the laundry area of our home kept forcing us back to a top loader. Since her real desire for a front loader surrounded the ability to accept our comforters and bedding, we ended up with this Whirlpool which, to the best of my knowledge, has the largest tub on the market today... even larger than every front loader we looked at.

Our main reason for choosing this model was the fact Whirlpool designed an unbelievable 4.5 cubic foot capacity washer within the footprint and dimensions of a standard top loader. To my knowledge, the capacity of this machine beats everything available today including the very expensive LG Tromm front-loader which has a 4.0 cubic foot tub. The tub seems even larger because this model has replaced your old agitator with a Hydro Plate Wash System. The system is designed to move your laundry from the outside towards the center wash plate and up to the top of the load. I've read many comments regarding new washers not cleaning properly, we have not experienced this in the least. Laundry comes out as clean as our old Maytag with no discernible difference.

The Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW fit nicely in our rather compact laundry area with the following dimensions:

Depth: 27 in.
Height: 42 in.
Width 28 in.

The washer is attractive, as is the matching dryer we purchased. We chose the white exterior although we could have picked the bisque or black at no additional cost from Lowes. Our machine came with a See-through Tempered Glass Lid and Stainless Steel Wash Drumalthough it's my understanding all Cabrio models may not have these options.

Like many of the newer environmentally friendly washers which reduce water levels and energy use, this model is designed to use HE detergents. These detergents allow for sufficient suds without leaving soap residue in laundry. We started with Tide's HE detergent but at around $7.50 for 100 ounces, the cost was nearly twice the old ERA detergent we used in our old washer. I understand less detergent is needed but it still seemed pricey. I suggested we try Everyday Living HE at our local Kroger at around $4.50 and results were comparable. We've since tried several detergents and although we've still yet to settle on any one choice, this machine seems to perform fairly well with all the choices so far.

There's certainly a whole lot of other reasons to love this machine. We are on a well so water usage was not a huge issue but for those who put out hard earned cash for their water, the Cabrio is a fantastic choice. The washer's Automatic Water Level Settings make your new appliance do the thinking for you. I was beginning to believe our new appliance was in need of repair on the first few loads but that was not the case. The machine goes through a series of fills and washing motions until it senses the optimal water level. Anyone paying a water bill has to appreciate this option.

The Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW has ten wash selections to select depending on the load and an added selection to clean the inside of the unit fresh and clean:

Whitest Whites Cycle
Heavy Duty
Bulky Items
Casual/Permanent Press
Quick Wash
Wool(for machine washable wool)
Clean Washer

Each selection performs various functions to save energy and water as well as best clean items yet minimize problems. For instance, the Whitest Whites selection will add your liquid chlorine bleach at the proper time in the wash cycle while the Sheets/Towels option has a wash action designed to minimize tangling and balling up of laundry. The Quick Wash selection is great for small, lightly soiled loads. The shortened wash time combined with the high speed spin to shorten dry time is a favorite of my college aged girls for their last load before their trek back to school.

In addition to reducing water usage, the machine is also ENERGY STAR® qualified which should produce substantial savings over the life of the appliance. Not only will this machine save us in energy consumed during use, but the clothes are spun drier than our old machine reducing the drying times and energy use of our dryer.

With the first load we immediately noticed the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW was much quieter than our old machine. The machine is designed with Ultra Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction and extra sound deadening insulation. The extra high spin speed does create a high speed whirl noise but the sound is extremely quiet. Our washing machine is located on a ceramic tiled first level above a full basement. We have only noticed a mild vibration at high speeds when doing large items such as comforters but generally little or no vibration is apparent.

With one quick glimpse at the Estimated Time Remaining with Cycle Status Lights guessing has been eliminated and we can now tell when the load will be complete. The remaining time is displayed as well as all the modified wash selections. The End-of-Cycle Signal is easy to hear on it's loudest setting and also programmable to a soft level or even turned off should the need arise.

While the above mentioned wash cycles do an excellent job of the setting of options, Whirlpool did give consumers the ability to modify a number of settings with a push of a button. One can modify the Soil Level and increase or decrease wash times depending on the load. One may also modify Spin Speed or Wash-Rinse Temp to adhere to certain garment label instructions. I'm not sure why but there is also a Delay Wash setting to delay the start of your load for up to 10 hours.

Another nice feature which we have used on a number of occasions is the Add-A-Garment Indicator. This is an indicator light that stays on during the load as long as sufficient time remains without reducing wash performance. It does take the guessing out of the decision to throw in an extra item or two while the load wash is in progress.

Three more options are also included, Extra Rinse, Deep Clean and Presoak. We have never had problems with detergent left in clothing or not coming clean using one of the ten wash cycles offered. We have used the Presoak option when items have had set-in stains with good results. This option gives the load an extra spray and wash action as well as an extra soaking time to help break down any set-in stains

Lowes priced matched a local appliance dealer and along with their 10% sale on large purchases, our cost came to $798.40. While not what I would term an inexpensive washer, it is certainly in line with many of the front loaders and other top of the line washers by other manufacturers.

After several months, we have come to love this machine as well as the matching Whirlpool Cabrio Gas Dryer WGD6400Swhich we purchased at the same time. We still can't speak of it's long range durability but neither can anyone else since the Cabrio is still relatively new to the market. If there's one thing we have noticed, it's important to take care in loading the machine. We experienced the "ul" error often the first week or so when the machine began it's spin cycle. As the drum started to get up to speed, the tub would shake violently and stop with the unbalanced load indicator on the display. By following the manufacturer's loading tips and getting more experience, this problem has pretty much was eliminated. After six or seven months use I did feel the machine was beginning to shake on occasion during the high speed spin cycles although we did not experience any specific error codes I did have to re-level the machine which seemed to solve most of our balance issues to date.

After more than one year of use the only other complaint we have encountered is large items such as bed sheets on occasion will wad up the rest of the items in the machine. The sheet gets itself stretched around the remainder of the load into a "wheel" creating a bit of a hassle emptying the machine.

Large 4.5 cubic foot tub, high speed spin reduces dry time, ENERGY STAR® rated, quiet operation and a long list of options... Nobody wants to replace large appliances but should the need arise, I'd have to offer my recommendation on this machine. Overall, my first impression is to offer up a full five star rating here at Epinions on the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW6600SW. Only because I feel the question of long range durability questions have yet to be answered, I'll suggest a four-star rating based on the fact this machine does everything it advertises.

Update (12-24-08)
Our problem with the machine shaking more often, especially on the final spin cycle, worsened to the point we called out Whirlpool service.  The collar around the top of the machine was being shaved away by the basket hitting it during the spin.  Our service plan covered the replacement of both the collar and one of the stabilizer arms and now things appear working as they originally did in November of '06 when we purchased the machine.  We no longer experience the 'ul' issue as we did early on.  Despite this one new problem and the occasional wadding and twisting of items, we still like the Whirlpool duo.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 798.00

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