10 Alien movies - BASED ON FACT

Jan 3, 2003

The Bottom Line There is an amount of truth in all fiction. The following list of alien films are films with a strong factual basis.

* The Shadow Men

The Shadow Men is a seldom seen film made in the mid 90's. It's about a family (2 parents and a boy) who see a UFO while camping in a remote location in Texas one night, and wake up have "lost" 2 hours of thier life. However, chance would have it that the boy's camcorder was on during the lost time, which reveals something chocking... they have become alien abductees. Upon returning home however, the family is contancted and then stalked by the MIB (Men in black).

This movie is based on fact because in addition to being a movie about an alien abduction, this movie also portrays something seldom known by the average joe... that alien contactees are frequently harrassed, stalked and threatened by these men in black. To this day, noby knows who they are or who they work for. This movie explores one possibility.

* Men In Black

Men In Black is a movie that takes the opposite side of the coin. This is a comical look at 2 MIBs who "protect the earth from the scum of the universe". Ideal for the kids, follow agent J and Agent K as they track down a "bug" with thier large silver guns =)

This movie is based on fact in the sense that many credible people (Sgt Clifford E Stone for example) who've worked for the USAF, US Army, NSA, CIA and other agencies that we have already been into contact with ETs, we do have some of their technology, and some of them do work here on earth in secret highly secure locations.

* Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

A movie by Steven Speilberg about a seriese of UFO sighings, and the psychic connection these sightings induce between the people who witness them, and a location... a mountain, where people find a calling to go to.

This movie is based on fact because UFO landings have occurred in the past, not so much as fantastical as in this film, but they have nevertheless happened, and still continue to happen to this day.

* Incident At Roswell

This movie tells the events virtually exactly how they happened. A New Mexico farmner finds strange crash debris on his farm. Upon reporting it to the local Air Force base, the military quickly quarrantines the area and removes the debris, 1 crashed spaceship, and 3-4 alien bodies. One still alive. The next day the press publishes a feature article "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer". However... the cover-up quickly comes into play. People are threatened to keep thier mouths shut, the evidence is
all confiscated, and the cover story is put in place... "It's just a weather balloon".

This movie is important because it tells in a pseudo-fiction format, something that really happened all those years ago. This one event marked the rise of the UFo phenomena of the last 50 years.

* Fire In The Sky

This movie also tells the events of a real story. In 1975, Travis Walton and several of his co-workers witnesses a UFO in the woods near thier home, on the way home from a hard day of forestry. When Travis investigated the UFO close up, it knocked him out with a blue beam of light. His friends drove away terrified, and later returned to find him gone. Missing for 5 days, the friends were interrogated, tested on a polygraph and ridiculed. After 5 days, Travis returned, and recounted his story...

The big thing about this movie is the alien abduction scene. Quite possibly the most frightening abduction scene ever constructed for an alien movie, the scene is very different from what really happened to Travis. In the movie, he is mistreated and tortured by the aliens... however, in his actual abduction, he was just as frightened, but he did some scaring of his own!

* The Mothman Prophecies

Strange phenomena is afoot in Point Pleasant... a strange creature with large red eyes is being reported by the local small town folk, one man is recieving messages over the one from an unearthly voice, fortelling future events in a cryptic fashion. In The Mothman Prophecies, they made no distinction that the "Mothman" was an ET, as opposed to a "ghost" or other phenomena.

However, Mothman is a very real phenomena. Although you really don't see him at all in this film, people who claim to have seen this creature describe him as tall, dark fur, 2 wings, no head, and 2 giant red eyes on what would be considered his torso. He is able to fly and has been seen in people's backyards and following automobiles en-route.

* Signs

Crop circles are appearing in a rural farmer's corn crops. Is it the work of the local hooligans? the sherrif says it's not. So what's doing it? The crop circles continue... and the local Army general predicts an eerie and frightening scenario. What do they mean?

Signs is perhaps the worst alien movie ever made that deals with real phenomena, but that's also what makes it important to list here. It deals with crop circles. In reality, there has never been any indication that crop circles are used as a navigation device to coordinate a mass invasion or raid, as this poor movie suggests. However, crop circles do happen, and the more realistic explaination of them, is that thier mathematical and geometric measurements contain hidden messages and

* War of The Worlds

The aliens have arrived. They come with giant death rays on thier flying saucers, destroying everything in sight. Can they be stopped?

This film is the one film here that does not have any direct factual basis behind it, but is important to list because of the effect it had on people. It was originally broadcast in the 50's as a radio show, in such a realistic manner, that many people thought it was real... and so it ended up as a "test" of sorts, to see how the public would react to broadcasts of an alien invasion.

* V

In V, giant flying saucers arrive carrying thousands of humanoid visitors, wearing red uniform overalls. They look human, but are they? they come with a message of peace, they say they need our help manufacturing a chemical to save thier dying planet, but are they telling the truth? One cameraman -come- revolutionary sees that they are not what they seem. he discovers they are in fact reptillians wearing human skins that want us as food, and want to take all our water. Can they be stopped?

V is based on fact in the sense that a reptillian species of ET has been reported by alien contactees. Though the stories seem more fantastical than those relating to the little grey men... numerous alien contactees claim to have seen and or been abducted by humanoid reptillians. Are they real? some say yes.

* ET

During an alien landing, the landing is suddenly cut short due to the arrival of curious onlookers. This means one of the ET's is accidently left behind. Seeking refuge in a family's home, this is a feel-good movie about the bonding of a young boy with an extra-terrestrial... and the inevitable government takeover.

ET is a fact based film because there are numerous cases throughout history of this sort of thing happening. In Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico and Florida... the notorious Chupacabra has been sighted in the wild. Many Brazillian residents have also clamed to have seen other alien species in the wild also.

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