2 heart poems

Jan 20, 2003

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The Bottom Line Two poems I wrote in mid-December... the second one is of a somewhat adult nature, reader discretion is advised =)...

a heart in winter

a heart in winter
breaks boundaries and keeps
the mind at ease - intact -
its warmth isolates the soul
from the blistering snow of
everyday life

a heart in winter
spreads warmth over
branches of frozen ice - melting away -

a heart in winter gives
blossoms and buds the
freedom to awaken and
take bursting flight from
solemn slumber

a heart in winter succumbs to
and brings silent stillness to the
craziness of the land and
world around you

(c) December 15, 2002, Steven H. Lee

how do i win your heart?

I sit in this chair and you straddle my legs to lean forward and kiss me - as I sit in this chair and the straddling it quickly becomes an awkward but horny sitting as we kiss deeper and you just f a l l into me wrapping your arms around me - you fall into me - and oh god you’re my feminine hero as your lips and tongue nuzzle my lips and cheek and ear and neck and my lips again as your hands and your subtle f i n g e r s how they wander down through my hairy chest and my hands they wander too but instead they caress your cheek and move up and then down through your long black hair only stopping to cradle the nape of your neck for but a moment - just only a moment - only then to slide down over the smooth silky skin of your back again for but a moment and that statue of the empire state it seems so small sitting there on my shelf serving as nothing more than some dusty bookend but it really doesn’t matter and oh god I feel you so close to me and so into me so wow to me so yes to me and oh god why is it all over before it even starts?

(c) December 15, 2002, Steven H. Lee

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