Pelonis Safe-T-Furnace HC-0120

Pelonis Safe-T-Furnace HC-0120

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Heat on the Rebound......A Pelonis Bonus

Jan 18, 2007 (Updated Feb 18, 2007)
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Pros:Cheap, Inexpensive,Economical. Lots of Heat for the Money.

Cons:Doesn't cook potatoes. Filter access.

The Bottom Line: We are delighted with our little Pelonis Safe-T-Furnace. Its impressive heat output belies its small footprint.

One cold January evening his year old honey of a heater abruptly stopped working .The Honeywell had looked elegant on his nightstand and made their bedroom toasty and comfortable in short order. Now it served no purpose. He considered burning it in the fireplace, but the thought of toxins in the air and the stench of melting plastic dissuaded him. Shipping the Honeywell back to the manufacturer might cost more than a new heater, and it would only be repaired at their discretion anyway.

He decided to buy another one on the cheap. On a trip to Home Depot he noted the names, models and prices of the available space heaters, almost buying one impulsively on the spot. Instead he took names and numbers, stuffed them in a pocket, and headed home to do some research. Almost home, he stopped at Ace to pick up the potting soil he’d forgotten to buy at the Depot. On the way to the register he saw the display – heaters on sale, Pelonis ceramic heaters marked down from $25 to $16 and change. He remembered Ace’s five dollar coupon in the morning paper, went next door to buy another paper, and minutes later walked out of Ace with his new Pelonis heater for 12 dollars and change including taxes. Sweet!

There are a dizzying array of choices in space heaters, of brands, sizes, types and prices. I was leaning toward one of those oil filled radiator simulations because they’re best for consistent heat in a room, relatively safe, and more energy efficient that many other space heaters. For our application in the bedroom though, it was just too big. The coil, convection heaters give lots of heat fast but can burn up lots of juice and can get hot on the exterior casing. I’ve always leaned towards the ceramic disc electric heater and can remember their introduction to much fanfare in the mid 80’s. Except for the double ceramic models, they are mostly quite compact. In my travels I’ve seen some tall models also. Conventional ceramic heaters are usually lightweight and easy to carry. I like that those with a rheostat draw less electricity as the ceramic element is heated, and that they operate at temperatures below the combustion point of tissue paper.

The inventor of the ceramic disk technology is Kosta Pelonis who heads up Pelonis’ worldwide operation. Cousin Sam Pelonis formed Pelonis USA in 1992. I remember these Pelonis heaters being very expensive when first introduced which makes getting one for a pittance all the more satisfying.

Details Details

The Pelonis HC-0120 is a little tyke measuring a Shleppy 8” high, almost 7 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. She weighs a svelte 3 and a quarter pounds. As with most space heaters, the owner is advised not to use an extension cord for safety’s sake. This model comes with a six-foot plus cord making an extension a moot point in most situations.
Voltage ; 120V, 60Hz
Current: Maximum continuous draw: 12.5 amps
Output: 5200 BTUs
Power: Low=1,000 Watts, High = 1500 Watts

Power indicator light will illuminate when heater is turned on.
Power settings:
Fan: Circulates air. Heating elements are off.
The thermostat control dial is on top of the unit to the left of the power control dial.

The Pelonis is simple to operate. Simply plug it in, turn the power dial to low or high, and set the thermostat dial to your desired setting.

The heater includes a Thermal-Cut-Off Overheat Protection System that shuts the heater off if it overheats due to abnormal conditions. If this happens, let the unit cool for a few minutes and inspect before resuming normal operation.

Our Experience

We were both immediately impressed by the rush of hot air pouring out of this diminutive appliance. Maybe there is some truth to that “size isn’t everything” pacification. The unit on my nightstand, within ten or fifteen minutes our chilly bedroom was more than comfortable and even toastier on my side of the bed. The fan noise is comparable to all the other space heaters I’ve known, and there’s been a slew of them. It is not obtrusive unless you’re watching television, and the heater is just a few feet from your ear. Considering the alternative, it’s worth the trade off and the extra work of turning up the TV volume.
So far the Pelonis seems to heat just as well as the now deceased, and much larger Honeywell.

A recessed carrying handle is built into the unit, very handy but not really necessary because of its lightweight.
A perfunctory filter is included in the back of the unit. I don’t like that the filter cover doesn’t just snap off. It’s held in place by a screw and thus requires a screwdriver for removal. I may supplement this nominal, barely there filter with something more substantial.
Unlike the unmissed Honeywell, the Pelonis is very simple and Spartan in features. It includes no remote control, no timer, and no digital thermometer. I prefer this simplicity.

This Pelonis model comes with a one-year warranty. Considering the price I paid for it, I don’t think I’ll bother mailing in the Warranty Registration Card.

For some applications, there’s no need spending more money to get more features and a bigger unit. Just keep in mind that though efficient, this is a little heater, not a blast furnace. Those looking to heat a room for long periods of time may be happier with an oil filled electric heater.

I may buy another one of these heaters to replace the bulky one in my bathroom even though "this heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas and similar indoor locations." The Pelonis admirably outperforms the Patton double ceramic I've been using in there

Update - 1/26/07
I've since bought a Pelonis radiator heater for the bedroom and moved this lillte Pelonis into the bathroom. The bulky Patton heater is now in limbo waiting for a home.

Both Pelonis heaters perform fabulously in their current locations.

Thanks to the G.M.for adding this item so quickly.

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