I have the style with the bun warmer - EXCELLENT GRILL!

Jan 19, 2007
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Pros:HOT, sears, easy clean up, est $29.99 I've spent

Cons:I can't think of one - an excellent value and grill.

The Bottom Line: If you want something that WILL cook and brown your food quickly and clean up easily, this is it. For $29.99 at K-Mart, you can't go wrong.

I purchased the Gr15BWI at K-mart for $29.99. Used it for the first time last night by grilling chicken breasts. Even though it does not require it, I briefly brushed each plate with a light coating of olive oil before pre-heating. I think olive oil enhances the flavor of everything, and it is good for you too.

After the required 5 minute warmup - popped the chicken breast on - immediate sizzle. It's 1200 watts - I couldn't find that information out until I bought one and actually read it on the bottom of the grill. That is plenty of power to sear and brown.

Cooked the chicken for 9 minutes as suggested. They were excellent - wonderful flavor and not completely dried out as they get when fixed in a skillet.

Regarding clean up - I learned this tip from another user. After cooking, unplug the machine, and put several sheets of wet paper towels on the grates and close the top. When you're done eating, remove the towels, and simply wipe the plates with them. NOTHING sticks - it came off as easy as could be.

The floating hinge is also useful too along with the bun warmer (cool idea). The grill certainly gets hot, drains the fats away, and is easy to clean. For $29.99, you simply can't go wrong. It's easily big enough for my family of two. Looking forward to grilling some shrimp now.

You will love it, and it comes with TWO drip trays (in case one fills up, you have another to continue collecting the fat), and TWO spatulas used to turn food and clean the grates (which it also does very well.)

The best $29.99 I've spent. Couldn't be more pleased with it. I had just sent back a Breville Professional Griller because it didn't heat more than 220 degrees. The GF runs circles around that heap of junk.

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