History of midknight2k3

Jan 29, 2003

The Bottom Line Not much else to say. This is me and how I got here.

Well, it’s finally what you’ve all been waiting for: the history of midknight2k3. Yes, the history of me. I don’t know what category this falls under, and I’m typing offline in Microsoft Word right now, so whatever category this is in, well then, that’s the category that best fits it.

The first appearance of me was back in mid-98, on zone.com. The name was actually “MiDkNiGhT”. This lasted for a few months, and I was pretty well known. However, if you’ve ever been to the Monster Truck Madness 2 room, you know what you have seen more of than those little pop-up ads saying, “Britney Spears Naked!” Yes, it is that thing: TEAMS. A team consists of 3 capital letters behind your name, plus your member status following right there after that. For example, STBc_MiDkNiGhT means that MiDkNiGhT is on the STB, or Simply The Best, team, and is the captain (that’s what the ‘c’ is for).

This was the next name in line. After the MiDkNiGhT got old, I still liked the idea of it. I came up with MiDkNiGhT2k just a little bit later. I was known as this for a year or more, perhaps a year and a half max. Anyhow, with this name I joined Epinions. I was horrid under this name. Given, I had 30 reviews under it, my WOT was small, about 5 members trusted me, and all my reviews were some “Somewhat Helpful” crap I did once a week and took 5 minutes to make one. After I thought I wanted to make better reviews for people, I made a new name.

This one was aimed at making more helpful reviews. Also, you can see that I dropped the weird uppercase/lowercase stuff. Of course, it blew. When I finally went back to check my old midknight2k account, I was blown away. I had five dollars, seventy one cents. A few days later, Epinions inactivated me because I had multiple accounts. I couldn’t even access it to claim my would-be ten bucks. Determined to make a good profile, I went back and started over with a midknight2k3 account, and you all know me as helpful (I hope) and all is going well. I only have $2.95 total in my account so far, but next eroyalties update will have a big bonus for my review-a-day thingy.

MiDkNiGhT: I first introduced myself this way.
midknight2k: First joining of Epinions.
midknight2k2: Failed attempt at a great personality.
Midknight2k3: I’m better than ever. Don’t you agree?

I don’t know if I’d have called myself an Epinionater here at Epinions before with my old usernames. Now, I’m a proud Epinionater here at Epinions and I’m here to stay. Well, at least for a little while. I hope you all enjoy my Epinions here at Epinions. I certainly enjoy typing them for you people.

I have a few hopes, err- dreams for Epinions. One of them is that I become an Advisor, Top Reviewer, or Category Lead. Even if just for a month. I’ll feel like I accomplished something good here, for Epinions members. I hope you enjoy my reviews, once again, and perhaps one day, I’ll become an advisor. One day, I’ll be leaving, but that will be in probably about 2-3 years. I have no plans. I plan to stay.

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