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Palmolive Spring Sensations Dish Washing Liquid

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Dish Soap or Bubble Bath

Jan 22, 2007
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Pros:streak-free, grease-free, shiny dishes with a squeaky cleanness

Cons:takes longer to clean, dry hands, dishes end up smelling fruity

The Bottom Line: I would rather use Palmolive Spring Sensations for a sensational bubble bath then for fruity dishes.

How this product came into my life:
I have been using Dawn Direct Foam for a few months, but when the time came to buy a refill, I hesitated due to the price. Instead I took advantage of a sale on Palmolive Spring Sensations dish soap, which normally goes for $2.99. With the sale and a coupon, I took the scent Wild Berry Blossom home for 75 cents. I chose this scent because it seemed the mildest of the Spring Sensations line.

Product Details:

Palmolive Spring Sensations is a concentrated dish detergent designed to remove grease from dishes, without removing moisture from hands.

Spring Sensations come in a 25 ounce bottle, which appears bigger than other dish soaps. There are 5 scents, which include Wild Berry Blossom in a red detergent, Crisp Cucumber Melon in pink, Zesty Lemon in yellow, Fresh Green Apple in Green, and Lavender and Ylang Ylang in purple. The colored detergent is in a clear bottle so the amount left is visible. Each scent as a picture of the scent on the bottle. For example, Wild Berry Blossom has blackberries, raspberries, blue berries, and strawberries pictured on the front of the bottle. Bottles have a pop up white capped nozzle to dispense soap from.

About Palmolive:
Palmolive is part of the Colgate line. Information about products is available at: or by calling 1-800-338-8388.


Bottle and Amount:
I have used about 1/5th of this product thus far. Each time I ran hot water into the sink adding about a teaspoon of this detergent. I also placed a few drops on the sponge. The soap did not hold up and more needed to be added a couple times throughout the washing of my sink full of dishes. Adding more was no easy task as the bottle is bigger than others I am use to and easily slipped out of my hand and into the sink.

Feel of Soap and Length of Time to Clean:
The soap felt greasy on contact with my dishes and my hands. The greasiness took sometime to go away. While at the end of cleaning none of my dishes nor my hands felt greasy, I found that washing with this detergent made doing a sink of dishes take twice as long. My hands felt softer right after use, but dried out within a half hour of finishing the dishes.

Dish Results:
The dishes were clean and shiny. My glasses were streak free. The dishes were infact so clean that running my finger on them left a squeaky sound. The greasy soap feeling was gone and all food grease had been removed from the dishes. The only problem is the dishes continued to smell like Wild Berry Blossoms, despite giving them two thorough rinses.

I do not recommend Wild Berry Blossom from the Spring Sensation line of Palmolive dish soap. Perhaps the other scents are milder, but I did not care for my dishes smelling like fruit. One of the reasons I wash my dishes is to remove odor, not add it. Even after rinsing my glass several times, my drinking water came with the scent of this fruity detergent.

I found the end results with this product were great in having shiny, grease-free, streak-free dishes. However, the process seemed to take twice as long as my dish washing with Dawn Foam and the Palmolive detergent dried out my hands.

I have returned to using Dawn Direct Foam and have kept my Wild Berry Blossom Spring Sensation to have Sensational bubble baths instead.

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