The Sony ZS-H10CP Boombox is rugged and water resistant.

Jan 23, 2007
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Pros:Nice solid construction with a great sound.


The Bottom Line: Need a Boombox made for the weather and banging around, them take a look at this unit.

The Sony ZS-H10CP Radio/CD Boombox is built to take a pounding in any weather and almost anywhere. It is weather resistant and ”Not Waterproof.” It is built well to take a little more punishment than most boomboxes, but it is not indestructible. It weighs in at over 7 pounds and it 20 1/8 inches wide, by 9 3/5 inches deep and 6 1/16 inches tall.

The one I have is a red one trimmed in black that makes it look attractive and well built. Gripping the handle gives a firm hold of the boombox and you can feel the solid built construction as you are carrying it. The boombox has like a roll cage built around it to take small impacts that most boomboxes don’t have. The speaker areas are covered with durable covers to help protect them. The CD area is covered with a sturdy lid to help protect the CD area that is air tight to keep out the weather elements.

The Sony ZS-H10CP has a built-in digital AM/FM stereo tuner. FM has a telescopic antenna and AM has a built-in antenna. The radio can preset thirty stations, ten AM (530 - 1710kHz) stations and 20 (87.5 - 108.0MHz) FM stations.

You can auto scan a station by letting the radio lock into the next decent signal strength. Once a station is locked in, it does not seem to drift from that station unless you are moving farther away from the station to where it loses its signal strength.

CD Player
The CD player only holds one CD at a time; it has a digital-to-analog converter of 1 Bit. The CD player will play MP3 files with an ID3 Tag Display.; it supports CD-DA, CD-R/RW with MP3/ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus Audio. Frequency response is 20-20000Hz (+0/-1dB).

The CD modes are Program, Shuffle, Repeat and 20 Track RMS Programming.

Other Features
The Sony ZS-H10CP Boombox has an equalizer with five presets of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Vocal and Custom. There is a sound enhancer called “Mega Bass” that beefs up the bass sound.

The unit runs form an AC 120 volt plug-in or from six “C” batteries. Using Alkaline batteries produces about 45 hours of use before they need to be replaced.
The built-in speakers are four inch round speakers and produce 2.3 watts each, for a system total of 4.6 watts.
The display is a four-line Dot Matrix LCD.

My Thoughts
My first impression by looking at the Boombox was it is too pricy at about $129. Then I started to play with the Boombox and found that looks are deceiving. The unit is built around a solid plastic construction and the sound at 4.6 watts blew me away. Even though it looks simple in design, it is built with quality in mind.

This unit is great for anyone because of the simplistic design, but it performs well in those dust and damp job sites. The construction is designed to protect the unit from water and dust. No you can not use it under water or let it sit in the rain, but if you are caught out in the rain it will protect the Boombox a lot better than other Boomboxes.

I like it because of being able to play MP3 music files, which gives me hours of listening pleasure. I played two different CD-Rs that I had burned with no problems at all, one CD had 153 songs on it and the other had 167 songs on it.

I do not use the AM side because all of my favorite stations are on FM; for me there is no use in listening to AM stations. My FM stations seem to lock in better than other Boomboxes I have used, especially one of the stations that is hard to pick up clear in my area.

This unit is great for anyone who needs a durable Boombox with a good sound.

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