Feb 11, 2003

The Bottom Line It's been a very difficult couple of years for this country...

I wrote this minutes after the horrible event unfolded on national television. It is the first and only draft. It was recently published in the local Philadelphia paper.

I just cannot believe I've lived to see two shuttle disasters.


The seven
streaking through
the sky
lost contact
with the world
And not again
since 86
has such tragedy

Far above Texas
a thick white tear
dripped down
the blue cheek
of the sky
as the brave seven
streaked the heavens
and bid the world

Seven souls
filled with hope
braving space
as dark as night,
like energy,
will never die
but rule the day
as purest light

America, again,
must heal
As seven more
course the stars
above America
the beautiful
despite her many scars

01 Feb 2003
Michael S. Picardi

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