Best Love Stories I've reviewed - Happy Valentines Day

Feb 14, 2003

The Bottom Line You tell ME where YOUR heart is

I was going to do a 10 Best Love Stories for Valentines Day, but since I discovered I had only written reviews on 25 love stories all together, I changed the rules. Love stories usually aren't my gig you know. These are in order of posting, not in order of one is better than the other.

Love isn't necessarily defined here as 'being in love'. Rather it is my definition of 'love of something or someone so overpowering it shadows your normal senses'. You'll understand when you see some of my choices.

King Kong
Pure love, dedicated love, undying love. Beast finds girl, beast loses girl, beast finds girl, beast dies - but his love remains pure forever.

Desert Hearts
Heated love, forbidden love, stolen love. A story of a lady that goes to Nevada to get a divorce and finds something that changes her life forever.

On Golden Pond
Comfortable love, dependable love, playful love, painful love. A couple in their golden years and still in love. Changes in their relationship with their daughter shows them the value of family love.

To Gillian on her 37th Birthday
Committed love, unfinished love, undying love. A man faces life after the death of his beautiful young wife, leaving him with a daughter to raise. Often on the brink of
madness, he finally realizes what is truly important in his life.

Ethan Frome
Forbidden love, unspoken love, punished love. Making a choice between his severely ill wife and her live in companion changes the life of this reclusive man.

Fatal Attraction
Nasty love, cheating love, revengeful love. A stolen weekend turns this married mans life into a living Hell. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her
Burgeoning love, failing love, shared love, quiet love. Five vignettes telling the stories of a group of women whose lives intersect and you learn everything you possibly can about them, or rather all the 'things you can tell just by looking at her'.

A Cooler Climate
Shared love, new love, old love, no love. After a messy divorce a woman takes a job as housekeeper for the mean old lady in town. Their pairing changes both their lives.

Love Songs
Deep love, shared love, brotherly love, understanding love. A trilogy of love stories revolving around one base character and his saloon, where eventually all paths meet. A wonderful tale of lives changing and new hope beginning for all. You really MUST see this movie. Great direction, story &acting.

Requiem For A Dream
Drug love, heroin love, motherly love, addicting love. Four major players with addictive personalities and habits become enablers in each others lives. A mother for her son, a man for his woman, a man for his friend, and the drugs that love and rule them all.

One Man's War
Painful love, fathers love, missed love, quiet love. A father demands to know how his son was killed and fights the foreign governments that are trying to cover up the story.

Brian's Song
Shared love, open love, brotherly love, understanding love. Two competitive sports figures cross paths and learn the true value of friendship, love, and eventually death.

Lovers of the Arctic Circle
Childish love, sexual love, beginning love, committed love. Children thrown together when their parents marry begin to find a sexual attraction for each other and finally learn how to love.

Killer Tongue
Twisted love, killer love, dancing love, forbidden love. OK I'm a sick twist, I know that. Find your own love with a 10' tongue. I'll leave it at that.

Summer of 42
Young love, stolen love, missed love. A lonely woman during the war, a young boy with new hormones that need soothing. Great movie.

Powerful love, sisterly love, caring love. Two friends who met as children continue their relationship which is often rocky. Finally a overwhelming change brings them back together one last time.

Frankie & Johnny
Heated love, passionate love, starting love. An ex con cook and a waitress meet over the grill and start a relationship. Love the song.

What's Love Got to do With It
Nasty love, talented love, painful love. Ike & Tina Turner were too explosive to remain together and too accomplished to part. Great story and great job by Angela Bassett.

Same Time Next Year
Stolen love, funny love, lasting love, shared love. Two strangers meet and continue their relationship throughout their life although married to others.

Man Without A Face
Brotherly love, honest love, painful love. A reclusive man and a lonely boy become friends. Accusations from small minded people put a cap on their relationship but not their love.

Boxing Helena
Sick love, twisted love, addictive love, painful love. Weird doctor fixates on beautiful woman and makes her his slave. Weird movie, very weird.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Family love, brotherly love, lonely love. OK, another strange choice, but the entire movie deals with love and relationships. So sue me.

When A Man Loves A Woman
Addictive love, painful love, deep love. Beautiful people often hide strange behavior. Andy Garcia is great in this movie about a man so in love with his wife he can let her go.

What Dreams Man Come
Undying love, powerful love, painful love, resolved love. I consider this one of the most powerful and painful love stories I have ever watched. Going beyond death to find your love and bring them back to your side. Powerful.

My Life
Pure love, fatherly love, lasting love. I am in awe of Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman in this movie. I cry just thinking about it. A man dying of cancer comes to terms with his life choices, family values, and the love of his unborn son.

Whew! Bet you never thought you'd [or I] would ever finish this did you? So you see, love doesn't necessarily mean being in love, there are all kinda loves and not all of them are particularly good for you.

Thanks and enjoy

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