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Tricare is taking back payments they made on accounts past...
by petersburg777
Tricare is really a grimy company for soldiers and vets,tricare is actually pulling back payments they already made for one of my children while i was in the army,stating that im not my child legal guardian even after i presented them with the legal documents they asked for,now hospitals are putting these bills in collection,yes my kids had another insurance which is through medicare since their mom is on welfare,but this insurance are stating these bill are to old and is not paying them,this is a criminal act and i need someone to give me some advice on how to go about getting justice!!!
Jul 18, 2012
10:10 pm PDT

Mrs. G and . . .
by gungian
. . . I both depend on Tricare for a lot of out medical needs. She uses it exclusively. At least I have my work-related health care.

Nicely done.

Write On!
Jul 13, 2001
10:03 am PDT

Re: As+a+retiree+...
by Jennd417
I truly understand what you are saying, my parents go through the same crap with Tricare. Would be nice to see them give retirees another insurance provider, or better yet, take better care of them. I am sorry you all have such a bad time with me as retirees, I know when my husband retires I will have to face the same challenges. Jenn
Jul 12, 2001
2:33 pm PDT

As a retiree ...
by AdaDavis
my encounters with Tricare have been uniformly (no pun intended) baaaaddd! Under Tricare Standard, I ended up paying almost two-thirds of the cost of a knee injury, because Tricare refused many of the services (like x-rays!) as "unnecessary" and refused to pay them. Of the ones they covered, the "full reimbursement" amount was about 50 percent of what local doctors charge for services.

Under Tricare Prime I had only 2 choices for a primary care doctor, because no other doctors in our area would sign on to the program. Referrals for standard lab tests were nightmares of paperwork and incompetent handling by the HMO (Of the top 50 service providers in the USA, they were ranked 50th in a Newsweek poll.) Then my doctor quit the program, leaving me with only one choice for primary care: the local quack! I quit Tricare Prime and went back to Standard with a supplement (from TROA).

The irony is- I can't get service in a military hospital except in an emergency (retirees are low priority), or in a VA hospital (ditto), but veterans who are not retirees are served by VA. Go figure. Retired veterans, unless they have service-related injuries, are just on their own.
Jul 12, 2001
1:43 pm PDT

Re: In+years+past....
by Jennd417
I have to agree with you. My father spent 27 years in the Navy and is on Tricare as well, he is in his early 60's and they treat him like pure crap. It is a shame that they do this to those who do, have , and continue to keep our country free. Thanks for reading, Jenn
Jul 12, 2001
12:19 pm PDT

In years past....
by 4-1-1
Claims processing through Tricare was HORRIBLE.

Both my father (military retiree) and mom were covered under Tricare. When my dad got really sick and had to be hospitalized (intensive care) and claims got up over $20,000... Tricare performed horribly. Doctors and hospitals threatened collection efforts. It took six months to sort the claims, and Tricare ended up paying about 50 on every dollar claimed by physicians, hospitals, etc.

The way ex-military personnel are treated under this program is horrible, but choices are very limited until one reaches age 65 and qualifies for medicare.

Jul 12, 2001
12:16 pm PDT