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No Satisfaction Concerning Survey Redemption
by townvilletrike
I have been a member of the MYPoints program for many years now. I have always greatly enjoyed being a member and the rewards that they offer. Unlike other survey sites MyPoints has always been very honest, and prompt in honoring reward redemptions. However there is one problem I am having. I completed a survey and was thanked for completing the survey. It then told me it was going to ask me a few more questions strictly for classification purposes. It asked me my gender, my income, and then my age. Upon answering the question in regard to my age the MyPoints screen popped up telling me I had not qualified for the survey I had just completed and in fact had been thanked for completing it. I then contacted MyPoints and told them of my problem. They asked me to send them the survey which I did. They sent me back the usual preconstructed automated reply telling me that some times it may take quite a bit of time qualifying for a survey before they disqualify me. They had not even taken the time to read or consider what I had just explained about having completed the survey before the classification questions. I have received this same automated reply before upon having similar problems. I am highly disappointed that no one took any personal time to try to resolve my problem and compensate me for my time and in fact having completed the survey.
Aug 16, 2013
7:04 am PDT

Re: yes, it's a scam
by Jbram98
MyPoints is a big scam!!!

I'm another person who's gotten 'screwed over' royally by MyPoints. I'd actually been a member since late 1998 and had never even redeemed my points once, as I wanted to accumulate a large amount and get something really nice with them.

Well, having accumulated a huge number of points through them (over a faithful 12+ years!!!), I just today got an email saying that my MyPoints account was canceled. They said I'd violated their 'Terms of Service' somehow, though no definite reason was given. All my points were canceled.

I'd advise everyone: Don't waste your time with MyPoints. You'll be clicking your brains out - for absolutely nothing!

I'm going to talk to the BBB & also the CA Attorney General (they're HQ'd in CA) about them.
You've been warned - so beware MyPoints!!
Jan 21, 2011
5:21 pm PST

Re: yes, it's a scam
by meleahk, meleahk is an Advisor on Epinions in Online Stores & Services
This is true now days. However, if serveral members in you family have an account is why your accout is terminated unless you can prove that each person lives in your house. That is what I had to do because several of my family members do live here and each do have their own account.

Thanks for the comment and support.

Apr 15, 2009
3:35 am PDT

yes, it's a scam
by gmaso
Mypoints terminates your account without explanation, inconsistently credits points when clicking thrugh to merchants, and fails to respond to e-mails or inquiries.

Your recourse is nil as you must go through an inconvenient and pre-ordained arbitration process. Use your points often or risk losing them without warning.
Apr 14, 2009
1:46 pm PDT

Re: Meh
by meleahk, meleahk is an Advisor on Epinions in Online Stores & Services
Thanks for the comment and support,

Aug 20, 2008
4:16 am PDT

by creditwarrior
Mypoints in my opinion isn't very good.
Aug 19, 2008
7:05 pm PDT

Re: Overall, pretty darn good.
by meleahk, meleahk is an Advisor on Epinions in Online Stores & Services
This is true! I have notice these things as well. Also, I take a lot of surveys each month, cash out the points for Christmas just like with My Points, and I have noticed that they get all the information from you and then all of a sudden you didn't qualify for the survey; yet, I spent 15 minutes filling out questions for them. They have all seemed to have found a way to cheat us.

Thanks for the comment and support.

May 30, 2008
4:42 am PDT

Overall, pretty darn good.
by melro
Very prompt service when using reward points. Customer service leaves something to be desired, any reply is usually "boiler plate" and not directly responsive.

My main "con" is getting emails that you do not obtain points for reading, emails where, when you click on the offer, the link doesn't work or times out, or more recently when you click on the link and instead of going where you were supposed to, you go to my points and get a message "offer not available." The don't seem to vet the advertisers before they accept their business.

When it works well (most of the time) it's great. When it doesn't work well, it's time wasting and very annoying.
May 30, 2008
12:27 am PDT

Re: is a scam?
by pennielane55
I stopped getting e-mails from MyPoints last year. They will not answer any of my e-mails. I tried to redeem my points & they told me my account is frozen. They sure seem like a scam to me.
May 23, 2006
5:30 pm PDT

is a scam?
by rhonapap
i have operating a Mypoints acount for at least two years.
about two months ago, i redeemed some points for a CD from the Mypoints gift store. this arrived very promptly and i was very happy.

In may 2004, i redeemed a large number of points for a Web Certificate. This has still (two weeks) not arrived via email! All that time, the points were shown in my account as "pending".

About three days ago, suddnly stopped receiving any newsletters from and also found that my account was "inactivated".

i have NOT unsubscribed at any time.

please email me at and let me know what could have happened.
Jun 16, 2004
7:15 am PDT

Re: I agree
by meleahk, meleahk is an Advisor on Epinions in Online Stores & Services
I agree! This progam is one of the best out there and you actually get something great for your efforts. I love it.

thanks for the comment and support.

Aug 2, 2003
4:30 am PDT

I agree
by angelwings724
I love My Points and have been a member for several years myself. It is an easy way to get things. I used to redeem my points for gas cards but recently have started getting the web certificates. I can save my web certificates and actually pay bills online with them. This is great, although I generally spend them on myself or my children....bills can wait..LOL
thanks for the review
May 15, 2003
9:10 am PDT