Stripping Stops War: or How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love my 200th epinion

Mar 9, 2003

The Bottom Line ...

It's hard to believe it's come to this. Truly. It boggles the mind. Read jacksommersby's essay from yesterday and see my opinions reflected to nearly a tee ( i would provide the link, but i still haven't figured out how to insert actual links into my epinions - that's just how rebellious i am).

So, let's look at it then. We have a non-elected president, a commander-in-thief essentially, who is determined no matter what to go to war with a country that poses no actual proven threat to our country in any way. Obviously Hussein is a bit insane, and has tortured and slaughtered many of his people - but hey, we're as much to blame, death toll wise, for the Iraqi people as anybody else. Our sanctions killed thousands upon thousands. So, I think we should bomb the rest. Those silly backwards b a s t a r d s deserve it, right? I mean,they tried to kill Dubya's daddy! How dare he/they?

Evidence would point to the fact that insane North Korea actually has proven, legitimate 'weapons of mass destruction' at its disposal, and is hell bent on announcing that they are more than willing to use them i provoked. Yet, somehow we write this off as a 'regional threat' and decide to deal with their crazy film-buff leader diplomatially, while we decide it is our moral imperative to bomb the f u c k out of Iraq.

Listen, there is NO connection between September 11th and Iraq. Try as they might, no one has ever been able to prove that, and they probably never will. Why? Because such a relationship does not exist! That current country pro-war song that is going around America - 'rising up the charts' makes me want to puke - there is no connection! We are still in a war that hasn't ended. Our economy is the slowest it has been in over 30 years...gas prices are insaney high most everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, we should focus on fixing this country before we try and force our wa of life upon others in the Middle East, under the name of God of all reasons.

Mr. Bush: You are not being divinely called by God to attack Iraq. God is not on your side, because your side is hellbent on killing people. I saw the recent Newsweek cover "Bush and God" and what I read inside its pages made me more scared than ever before. I'm glad, dear Sir, that you value simplicity...but foreign relations are anything but simple. For God's sake man, Clinton left you with a national SURPLUS and good relations with most of the world. It's taken you all of two years to sink the national deficeit into the BILLIONS, and make enemies out of our former allies. Well done, W, well done.

So I purpose that more people take up stripping. It is clearly the only way to bring this insane Republican agenda to a halt. Hey Mr Cheney? You like Bell Biv Devoe? That's what I thought...allow me to dance for you...

uh yeah me me baaaay-beeee

What's that Mr. Ashcroft? You prefer things a bit wilder? Than allow me to disrobe while playing the thong song.

and i'll have you know...beckytcy is not having sex with you because of your insistence on war. I hope your happy sir??! Passing up sex for the chance to bomb random innocent people. Oh, and while you're awake, could you please find yet another way to strip me off my civil liberties? I'd really appreciate it. Without you, I might be a terrorist right now and not even know it! Thank you Sir!

Anyway, I'm drinking and rambling (hmmm...sounds like a certain series I created, which no one gets drunk for any more...) so I'll stop. But laugh as we will - and have to really - our country is in a truly horrible spot and has no way out. I go to sleep and pray for something good. I get up and read the morning papers and it only seems to get worse. Not electing but somehow electing George W Bush is the single worst thing our country has ever done in its 200 years plus history. Forrest Gump is leading us into horrific bloodshed, and we're too awe struck at what's happening to try and stop the man. Please, protest if they have one where you live, email your congressman and/or senator. Email the White House for f u c k's sake...just don't sit idly by while this whole thing sweeps over us. You might only have one voice - and the President might have already held a press conference to announce that your protests don't influence him in any way - but you still need to get out there, for your moral self, and declare that you are against this thing that knows no bounds. Stop it before it ruins us all.

Goodnight (and happy stripping!)

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