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Feb 6, 2007
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Pros:Easy to use, anyone can learn quickly how to take photographs with this camera!

Cons:Before I got my re-chargable batteries, I was constantly buying batteries.

The Bottom Line: I recomend this camera anyone because its great for any type of photo and is easy to use. It has a clear and large screen to view your photos.

The Kodak Easy Share C633 Zoom Digital Camera with 6.1 mega pixels is a great product. This product was given to me as a gift for my birthday.
I wanted a digital camera because I thought it was such a great thing to have. I have to admit I am somewhat vain and love to just snap pictures of myself and everyone else at any given moment. That’s what pictures are for, to capture the moment and the memory. I already had another camera, a very nice one, but the camera I had used film. It was a great camera but it just wasn’t the same as a digital camera, not even close. A few years before my mother got one and I thought it was the coolest thing and here lately it seemed all of my friends had one, I just had to get one! It seemed like such a convenience. You can take a picture, look at it and decide then and there if you want to keep it or not. And being the vain person that I am, I love that option.
The pictures are stored on a memory card that will hold plenty of pictures-really more than anyone could ever need at one time- depending on the size of the megabytes it holds. This means there is no hassle and cost with film and development. I learned in the past with my other camera that using film and having to take it to get developed was just a hassle. And Im not the type who goes out and develops their film the second it is used up, so after a while I would run into another problem. I got confused about which one of those rolls sitting on top of my dresser was which. Until I went and had them developed I didn’t have a clue. So in the case of wanting that one picture with my best friend and me, I had to get several roles developed at one time instead of just that one, using up more money than I wanted to at the time. So with the convenient use of a memory card on the digital camera all you have is that little card-just about the size of a quarter-with all of your pictures on it, ready to view at anytime you wish!
The camera also has tons of options in which you wish to take your pictures. There are different color options that you can choose from. It has the plain, old black and white effect, and also a Sepia effect which makes the picture look like it was taken a very long time ago-like the pictures you can have taken at the fair! These are always fun to play around with.
You can change the flash setting simply if you want it to flash or not at all, and there is also a special flash to help prevent red eyes, this just makes the light flash twice. By doing so a person’s eyes are able to adjust to the sudden amount of light lessening the red eye effect. It also has a self timer. This is convenient for groups of people so that everyone can be in the picture instead of leaving out the person who would normally have been taking the picture.
It has tons of different modes that you can take the picture in. Auto mode is just for general picture taking and easy to use. Landscape mode is for far-away scenes and uses infinity auto-focus. Close-up mode is for close range photos such as flowers or little things like butterflies and outdoor life if you’re into taking those types of pictures. I have a friend who enjoys this mode. Scene mode has several different conditions to take your pictures in itself; selections like portrait, sport, children, party, beach, snow, self-portrait(I use this one more often), back light, and night portrait. This camera even takes videos. On top of that it records the sound as well! The camera has several tools on it allowing you to crop photos right on it, rather than using a computer or the store machine.
Though most digital cameras are expensive, some more than others, such as the one that I had my eyes on before this, I can honestly say that they are well worth the money that is put into them. If I were to break this camera I would go out and buy another just like it, because there would be no doubt in my mind that it was worth the money I was giving up. And like I mentioned before it stops the hassle and mainly the cost of buying and developing film. That in itself is a huge money saver. I tell my friends who always say it’s so neat that in fact it is and they should get one. My sister actually got one soon after I did.
As you have read this camera came with much more than I was expecting, I was only concerned about taking pictures and had no idea of what I could do to them or how many different ways I could take them. The only thing my camera does not have that I would change if I could is the ability to change the tint or hue of the pictures and the people in it, like a few other cameras do offer. I think it’s a cool option to have available on hand. As I have said before the Kodak Easy Share C633 Zoom Digital Camera is a great product to have and enjoy.

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