Wisk DualAction High Efficiency Low Sudsing Formula

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Move Over Tide and Shout! ~This Little Wisk Bottle Does It All!!~

Feb 8, 2007 (Updated Feb 8, 2007)
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Pros:The ONLY laundry soap I will use these days! Great product.

Cons:The price makes me grinch without a sale or a coupon...

The Bottom Line: The Best Laundry Soap in the Market Today!


I do a lot of laundry. My husband works with horses (so do I) and we have 5 children. Every day I do at least two loads. I do want a laundry detergant that gets the clothes CLEAN. I do not want to spend my days separating and prewashing or rewashing clothes that did not come clean.

I've used Tide a lot and I've always been quite pleased with regular Wisk. When I saw this bottle first time I decided to give it try. It was several months ago and I've never looked back!

The bottle is relatively small (32 fl oz) and it claims to do 32 normal loads. That means 1 oz of soap per load.. There is a measuring cup on a lid with lines for normal loads (half cup) and large loads. This is explained with a picture on the back of the bottle.

I instantly like the way bottle is designed. It is very easy to hold on your hand and pour the soap to the measuring cup without spilling over. I always have that problem with large liquid containers. This causes you to waste soap and in the long run will get expensive.


The clothes I wash need a good soap. I have boys who always skin their knees and toddlers who have food stains and a baby who occasionally soils over the diaper. So plenty stains! I cannot load my washer too full or the spin cycle gets very noisy so I follow the line with normal load (1 oz). I've learned always to start the washer and first add the soap, THEN clothes for the best results. That way the soap dissolves equally in the wash.

This soap smells good, it kind of reminds me of Febreze! It claims to be 3x concentrated and high efficiency low sudsing formula. Dual Action to boot, you can use it as a pre-treater. Plenty fancy words but then again I have not bought a laundry soap that does not claim to work...

This soap passes my first load test in flying colors. Clothes come out clean and fresh, if you can use that term from wet clothes! Even without fabric softener or dryer sheets they come out of the dryer quite soft and easy to fold.

I've tested this soap with grape juice stains, grass stains and just plain dirt. If the load is particularly filthy I might rub little soap to the dirtier spots before throwing the clothes in the wash. Again it is easy to do without wasting because of the size and the design of this bottle. So far this laundry soap has outperformed anything I've tried! It even worked on older baby formula stains which are nearly impossible to get clean.

One day my husband got helpful and decided to wash his dirty barn jacket. I saw him pour over a cup of this soap to the washer "because his jacket was so dirty". In the middle of the wash there was bubbles all over, thankfully rinse cycle cleared them and yes, the jacket DID come very clean. But I know half of the soap would have given him the same results!

This soap is approved to use on front and top loading high efficiency washers. These are the washers which use the least water and energy and still wash your clothes well. You can find the monthly updated list of the washers in here:


My Crosley is not on the list but I still prefer this soap over the other Wisk Dual Action soap because this dissolves completely and never leaves any residue into the clothes. That is very important to me because I do have small children.

I found that this bottle DOES last me as long as much bigger bottles of Tide (100 oz), I believe I truly do 30 loads of clean clothes with this soap. Usually I do use warm wash setting, mainly because it does fill my machine quicker but the water is not that warm right of my pipes. So I don't see why you could not use this with just cold water too with normal laundry.

As far as fading clothes I have not seen big difference from my other laundry soaps. if your clothes are good quality they do not fade so soon. If they are cheap, well, you do the math, they will fade what ever soap you use....

Bottle claims that the soap dissolves easily in the wash (this is true!) is safe for handwashables (again true!) and septic tanks. I could not comment about the septic tanks but it sounds good.

And now I have one less heavy thing in my shopping list which also makes me very happy!



1-800-ASK-WISK (1-800-275-9475)

Trumbull, CT 06611

Made in USA

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