A Lean & Mean look at the Mr. Coffee TFTX85 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Feb 11, 2007 (Updated Feb 11, 2007)
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Pros:Stainless steel carafe, brews 8 cups as advertised

Cons:Coffee isn't as hot as with our other coffee makers

The Bottom Line: Does it brew eight cups? Yes. Can it be set to brew coffee overnight? Yes. Does it keep coffee steaming hot? No.

Although my mom and I own a perfectly operable 4-cup coffeemaker by Mr. Coffee, we are stymied by the company’s definition of “four cups.” In school, for instance, we’re told that a cup, in U.S. standard measurements, is eight fluid ounces. Thus, our 4-cup coffeemaker should be able to make 32 ounces of hot java without any problem, right?

Wrong. As it is, even though our SP-3 4-Cup Coffeemaker does a fantastic job at brewing hot coffee and keeping it hot, it doesn’t quite brew the promised four cups’ worth. Rather, it makes just two mugs’ worth, which is okay if you are making coffee for one person, but it’s not enough if you are going to share your java with another serious coffee drinker or if you have guests.

To remedy this situation, we recently purchased an 8-cup TFTX-85 programmable coffeemaker, not so much because one can prepare all the “fixin’s” for as many as eight cups the night before and set the timer to brew at a predetermined time, but because it can brew more coffee at once, and the carafe is metal rather than glass.

Product Features:

Measures 11 by 7-3/4 by 13 inches; 1-year limited warranty
• 8-cup programmable coffeemaker can be set in advance for "wake up" coffee
• Double-wall stainless-steel thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours
• Brew-pause function; handy "on/off" switch lights up; automatic shut-off function
• Dual water windows; removable filter insert provides easy filling and cleaning; cord storage

Experiences with the TFTX85:

Setting up the coffeemaker for normal brewing is slightly more intricate than it was with our other Mr. Coffee units. Yes, you still open a lid at the back and pour water in, and yes, you still place the desired amount of coffee on a filter that goes in a basket, but now you have to move a “shower head” back and forth to lift the basket out and then lock it in place for brewing/storage. Then you need to make sure you close the carafe lid tightly before brewing.

The carafe itself is a thermos-like container; it’s stainless steel on the outside, with glass inside. This is supposed to keep the coffee hot even when the coffeemaker shuts off after brewing, and it does, sort of. Thing is, the coffee isn’t as hot – even freshly brewed – as with the other coffeemakers we’ve used, so in that respect, the TFTX85 is not as good as the unit it is replacing.

We don’t plan to use the programmable brewing function of the TFTX85; we don’t have to rush through the morning routine like many people, but there is a clock/set for brew panel on the front of the unit. All you have to do is set it as though you would an alarm clock; unless you have a power failure while you sleep, you should wake up and find a pot of coffee brewed and ready in the morning.

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