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Feb 14, 2007
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Pros:Ease of use, ease of setup, great sound, clutter free.

Cons:No treble or bass adjustments.

The Bottom Line: The Bose CineMate will upgrade your home theater system with a minimum of clutter, ease of use, and terrific sound quality.

Bose clearly advertises the CineMate System as an enhancement to your home theater, and Bose delivers. The CineMate system is of very high quality and installs with ease. The CineMate is targeted at a viewer who is looking to upgrade a TV sound system, have very little intrusion into home decor, and capture increased environmental sounds from DVD's and TV for a small to medium sized room.

There are two small speakers that can be discretely placed on shelves or by utilizing speaker stands. The third unit, the Acoustimass Module, can be placed in a discreet place as well, ensuring that the opening for the speaker outlet is not obstructed. All of the components, two speakers, Acoustimass Module, and small control unit, can be placed without overpowering the room. There are also not a multitude of speakers to place around your room.

The system sounds great. DVD's, sports, music, and virtually every program we watch is an enormous improvement over our TV speaker system. The system captures and increases virtually every aspect of home theater viewing with ease and a clutter free setup. Explosions, rumbles, and low bass sounds are increased considerably while having dialog remain crisp and clear.

If you are a true surround sound audiophile this system is not for you.

If you are looking to add tremendously rich sound to your home theater system, keep your living room clutter free, and forego the complexity of a true surround sound system the CineMate is for you.

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