20 or so things about me

Apr 5, 2003

The Bottom Line All about me, except for not really.

Note: this is an entry into Corpgent's first ever write off. And also, an excuse for me to do some rambling, which as you know, I so love to do.

1. I like Woody Allen movies. A lot. Check my review history if you don't believe me.

2. I can't remember how I found this site, way back on January 10, 2000. And as I have made known elsewhere on the site, I hate my epinions user name to no end. It's stupid but I'm stuck with it.

3. Given the choice, I would have to go with Lime.

4. Green is my favorite color, always has been, always will.

5. I drink Ancient Age whiskey a lot because it's not bottom of the barrel crap (i.e. Old Crow, etc.) but it's not too expensive either (Mr. Jack Daniels and I only get to meet on special occasions. I have only met Mr. Jameson's once, at a bar, and barely remember him).

6. I am married to the absolute love of my life and still can't believe I found her as early on as I did. She completes all of my love cliches and I want nothing more in this life than to someday celebrate our 50th anniversary together and have a nice little picture of us in the paper. If that happens, I die a happy, rich man.

7. People told us we got married too young (23). My parents were married at 19, and they're still together. Often times, it's the person, not the age. I found the person. So sue me.

8. I quit playing sports in high school (namely, basketball) because I wanted to hang out with the skater kids rather than the jock crowd. I still stand by that decision - and my one time purple hair! - but I regret the pain it caused my father.

9. If I had been taller, I would have been in the NBA. It's true. I was that good. If I meet you, I will easily beat you in one-on-one or HORSE or whatever you'd like to play. I'm not given to bragging, but in this area, I would school your sorry butts.

10. Annie Hall is the reason I got into movies as a teenager, and probably the reason I started writing about them.

11. I played the piano for 8 years and have now played the guitar for just over 10. I was in a band when I was a teenager, I was even interviewed on-air by a local radio station. I thought I was the coolest man alive. Then my face broke out and I didn't leave the house unless necessary for quite some time.

12. I am not right in the head. This is a medical fact.

13. Every person I have ever actually chatted with that I originally 'met' through epinions has been a pleasure to talk to. I haven't met any one yet, and probably never will, but I still think of certain people here as my friends. Which is weird if you think about it, but then again, not really.

14. I am actually a duplicate account on epinions. I am actually Sordid-1. I apologize for the confusion. Please reference Fact #12 for the reasons behind my subterfuge.

15. I am going back to grad school quite soon and won't be able to write as much. Depending on what you think of me, this is either a good thing or a bad thing.

16. I never wanted to be a doctor, though my dad always told me that's where the money is.

17. I have had my heart broken.

18. I am sad to live in a time of war. Especially in a time of unnecessary and unjustified war. I would vote for Ahmad Rashad over George Bush in an instant. Hell, I would probably vote for Geraldo Rivera were that the only alternative. (He used to be Kurt Vonnegut's son-in-law, how random and non-sensical is that?!)

19. I agree with Senator (and hopefully next president of the United States) John Kerry. "We do need a regime change in Iraq. But after that, we also need one here at home." Amen for having balls.

20. I'm going to write more than 20 facts.

21. See I told you so.

22. I was up in the air about whether to participate in this write off. I sat on it for 24 hours. I decided that, with corpgent's sheer enthusiasm for the thing mixed with my overwhelming desire to talk exclusively about myself for a while, I would do it.

23. And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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