We Liked These Better than Bo$e!!

Feb 15, 2007 (Updated Feb 15, 2007)
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Pros:Long Battery Life, Comfortable Earcups, Nice Carry Bag

Cons:Cord is very long with in-line battery compartment.

The Bottom Line: These are a high-quality Noise Cancellation Headset at VERY competitive price!

We just returned from California on a Red-Eye flight to Ft. Lauderdale. The plane was just about full and included lots of children and two dogs in carry-on cages. One of the little yappers was right in front of me and one of the dogs was in my row. We had stayed with my son in CA, who owns the newest Generation Of Bose Noise Cancelling Headsets. We wanted to purchase two sets..and two Bose were just beyond our (retired persons) budget. So we bought two sets of The Maxell Noise Cancelling Headsets w/ Full Ear Cups at a nearby discount store. My husband, who is an Electrical Engineer and VERY picky, decided to do a test: He tried both Bose and Maxell hooked to our MP3 player, in our noisy rental car (in neutral and revving engine), with grandchildren yelling. His final assessment was that the Bose had marginally better sound quality, but the Maxell had quite acceptable sound quality and BETTER sound deadening. We used the headsets on the 4-hour flight home and were VERY pleased with both sound quality from the airline jack hookup and THRILLED with noise cancellation feature. In addition, the comfort of the full ear cup headset was excellent. After four hours, my ears did not feel "mashed" or tender. So, must say that we highly recommend them for anyone who does not want to pay the extra $$$ for Bose.

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