Hefty HandySaks Bags 10 Pack

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Hefty HandySaks Bags 10 Pack - Great for the car or diaperbag!

Feb 20, 2007
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Pros:Cheap, handles, small package makes them easy to carry or store!

Cons:Might be hard to find.

The Bottom Line: Small and cheap, like me!

When we were picking up things to take for our trip home this past Christmas I grabbed a package of Hefty HandySaks Bags 10 Pack from the hanging display in the grocery store. At first my husband just shook his head, but I knew that between having two kids in diapers, and eating on the go, we'd have plenty of trash during the trip. As it turns out, I was right.

I put the package of Hefty HandySaks Bags 10 Pack in the glovebox the morning of our trip. During the 800 mile trip, which was roughly 14 hours long, we ended up using four of them. We always eat on the run, so between McDonalds leftovers, snacks we had packed in the cooler, and junk food at the gas stations we stopped at, we had no shortage of trash. The trash usually ends up in the floorboard of the passenger side (which is usually my side) of the SUV, so I end up cramped by the time we stop. Since I had the Hefty HandySaks Bags this time, I bagged the trash as we used stuff, so the floor of the SUV stayed clean and I had plenty of foot room.

The Hefty HandySaks Bags also came in handy when we had to change diapers that couldn't wait for a rest stop. Being able to bag the diaper, and tie the handles closed, kept us from being gagged by the smell until we could reach a trashcan.

The Hefty HandySaks Bags came in a 10 pack. The bags are all plain white with handles, similar to the plastic bags that you might get a Wal-Mart or a grocery store. They are 4 gallon bags, so they had plenty of room for all of the items we used up on our trip. 20 oz bottles of Coke, glass bottles of juice, candy wrappers, and more, were dropped into the bag at my feet until we reached the next stop, where we could drop it into the trash.

So why buy bags when I can just stuff a handful in the glovebox and not pay for them? The Hefty HandySaks Bags were only $1 and they are folded into a plastic package that lets you remove the bags one at a time. The package of bags is only 4" x 4", square. This is much neater than I could be stuffing bags into the glovebox, not to mention the chance of me accidentally tossing out our registration or something else important. They take up almost no room, and keeps the glovebox nice and neat in case you need to dig out your insurance and registration for that impatient police officer waiting at your window.

I wouldn't hesitate to pick up more packages of Hefty HandySaks Bags when I see them again. I haven't seen them since we picked them up at Christmas, even though I have been looking. I plan on stocking up when I find them again, and I am hoping that it is before we run out!

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