Too New I think... or I just had bad luck

Feb 28, 2007
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Couldn't get over 1 bar of signal on the same card the other reviewer says works great. Sprint Aircard 580. Put the card in a desktop, 4-5 bars signal. Put it in a laptop 4-5 bars of signal. Put the router in the same position the laptop was in, same thing 1 bar.

Seemed to take a long time to boot some times. I had problems with the DHCP server 2 times and had to power cycle it to clear that problem. DHCP and CAT5 Ethernet should be the first things up on this type of box and they should remain up regardless of the condition of the WWAN Internet Card. Even it isn't inserted DHCP should still work. I don't think that's the case. You can't build a network (no matter how small it may be) around broken DHCP.

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