love haikus

May 4, 2003

The Bottom Line here are a series of haikus I wrote on Valentine's Day in English class. Enjoy!

Snow falls in your hair

Your dark strands are flecked with white

A blizzard of love

You ask me to dance

Although you know I hate to

But for you, I’ll dance

You inspire me

I am now an optimist

I see more beauty

I really love Nik

He’s sitting right over there

I think he smells nice

From across the room

I see your gaze turn towards mine

Even your eyes smile

It is cold outside

You wrap your arms around me

Inside it’s so warm

Two guys both loved me

But this was in seventh grade

I loved that they fought

Post-Valentine’s Day

We baked cupcakes together

It was so much fun

I wished on a star

That one day, you would love me

My wish has come true.

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