Lysol Cling Clip-On 2in1 Toilet Bowl Deodorizer and Cleaner

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Clinging for dear life...Lysol Cling Clip-On 2in1 Toilet Bowl Deodorizer and Cleaner

Mar 3, 2007 (Updated Mar 3, 2007)
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Pros:freshens and cleans well, good scents, inexpensive

Cons:looks a little weird on the toilet rim

The Bottom Line: A good toilet freshener for in between cleanings.

One of these days I’m going to wake up everyday to a clean bathroom. The little bathroom fairies are going to start coming every night to clean up. Yeah, only in my dreams but until that happens I am always trying to find a way to keep the bathroom clean. I hate dirty toilet bowls and dirty floors. I am constantly using Lysol wipes on the toilet. When I saw Lysol Cling on the shelf at CVS on special, I immediately scooped up two of them.

Lysol Cling Clip-On 2in1 is a 2-in-1 product that contains a bleaching action. It is designed to be a combination cleaner and a bowl freshener. The freshener is actually a gel inside the little container that emits a continuous scent. The tablet itself is very small at .91 oz and the scented gel is .14 oz., both are supposed to last up to 4 weeks or 400 flushes. I have found this to be true, even with the toilet in the main hallway that gets used a lot more than my private toilet. You will notice that after using it for a few weeks that the gel inside will get smaller. This is a good indicator for usage and you can tell when you might need to replace the unit.

Scents Available:
Citrus & Tangerine
Spring Waterfall

The cling unit has a small hook on the top part that securely fastens over the rim of the bowl. Resting the toilet seat on top of it allows extra security so that the clip does not pop off. But I have had no problems with it so far even when the toilet seat gets left up. Make sure that the unit is placed under the rim because then the water will run behind it when the toilet gets flushed.

The unit is designed to be safe for toilet plumbing and septic tanks. It does contain chemical ingredients so please be careful when you have children in the bathroom. Also, be careful when handling it yourself.

You can purchase these Cling units at drugstores, supermarkets and mass discount stores for around $2.99 each. You can find them on sale for less than that also.

Overall, I do like these little units although they look pretty funny in the toilet. It is very noticeable when you lift up the lid, but they aren’t really ugly looking. Besides, it does a good job of keeping my toilet clean and smelling fresh in between the times I actually clean the bowl. Thanks to the bleach in this product, I have been able to go a few more days between cleanings and that makes me happy. Some might have better water and go for longer periods of times, but my water doesn’t seem to like my toilet.

I have tried the Lime scent and the Spring Waterfall scent and I like them both. I’m sure I’ll try the citrus scent next. The scent emitted helps to freshen the toilet, although they aren’t very strong. I would recommend this product simply because of the time it saves me. It's a simple product that works well.

Reckitt Benckister Inc.
Parsippany, NJ. 07054
Made in Mexico

~ Happy Cleaning!


* Thanks to Larry for adding this product for me!

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