Gorilla Tape

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Gorilla Tape holds up to its name.

Apr 27, 2007 (Updated May 19, 2008)
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Pros:The strongest tape I've ever found, and it's waterproof.

Cons:Difficult to remove.

The Bottom Line: If you have a house, kids or a clumsy partner, you've got to have this tape. I would give this item 10 stars, if I could.

Since I bought my 40 year old house ten years ago, a true handyman special, I have replaced and repaired ever since.


After an ice storm several months ago, I found myself skidding through my garage door. First time for me! I could not leave this open until replacement, as there are raccoons, opossums and other critters that might nest in my garage.

I needed a quick repair, that will be strong and hold up to weather and moisture, immediately! I found Gorilla tape sold at Wal-mart, in two different sized rolls. The smaller roll was only 12 yards long so I bought the larger roll.


The Gorilla Company professes this to be the toughest tape on the planet earth, I cannot disagree with that. I spent $8.87 for the large roll, measuring 1.8 inches by 35 yards. This 17 ml thick tape has three layers: The rough, black rubber shell seals out moisture. The mesh backing adds to its' strength. The double thick adhesive sticks securely, creating an incredibly tight seal.


I taped the pieces of my garage door back together. It had a mosaic appearance where the hole used to be. I lived with that until the garage door was replaced.

I then went inside my home to my bathroom. This shower is in desperate need of replacement. The tiles are pulling away from the wall, so I taped the tiles to the wall. It looks horrible, but it has been working, I can now take my time, until I find an affordable contractor.

The hose to my toilet sprung a leak, guess what I went for? My gorilla tape sealed the leak until I could replace the hose.

The manufacturer states this tape is best used in temperatures above 32 degrees, Fahrenheit. However, it did hold my garage door together in freezing temperatures.
This tape also held my shower wall together for over 17
months, keeping the tiles from falling out.

Gorilla tape can be torn, as you would tear duct tape, but it does take a bit of muscle, or a pair of scissors. This tape should not be stored on its side, the manufacturer recommends it remain upright, on a hook. (The glue could ooze out of the bottom).


My garage door has been replaced. When the contractor removed the garage door panels, the tape continued to hold the pieces together. Gorilla tape is still holding my bathroom tiles in place, sealing out moisture after seventeen months, even though I'm using my shower daily. It looks awful, but it is doing the job.

When trying to remove this tape from my toilet hose leak, the tape would not separate, it had to be cut off. According to the manufacturer, this tape will even hold brick, wood, stucco, plaster and metal. They do state that it can be hard to remove, and some adhesive may remain. The best removal per their instructions is the tape itself, to remove residual adhesive.


If you have ever tried professional strength duct tape and found it useless, try Gorilla Tape, it keeps moisture out and holds like no other tape. If you are a user of Gorilla Glue, this is what you would expect from their tape.

The manufacturer does not recommend this for use as electrical tape. For further information, go to www.gorillatape.com, or call

Thank you, Helen aka Pogomom for posting this item for review.

Thank you for reading my review.

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