Palmolive Oxy plus Dishwashing Foam

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A fun foaming product that smells great! ~~Palmolive Oxy plus Dishwashing Foam~~

Mar 4, 2007
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Pros:Great scent; nice foam; rinses easily; concentrated & long-lasting.

Cons:Pump a little hard to use

The Bottom Line: If you like foaming cleaning products, you'll like this! Great scent!

I love anything with foam: bubble baths, hand soaps, and now cleaning products for the house. I've used a few with very good results. The latest one that I tried was Palmolive Oxy plus Dishwashing Foam in Citrus Rush.

Product Details

Like foaming hand soaps, this product comes in a pump bottle with a wider than normal pump bottle. The soap also is quite thin and runny-looking in the bottle, but once you pump the bottle you are treated to a beautifully foamy dishwashing product. This product from Palmolive comes in two scents: Fresh Rush and the Citrus Rush that I purchased. I purchased my 13.5 ounce bottle at Walmart for about $2.99.

Palmolive states that each bottle will give you about 250 uses. However, I'm probably not considered a typical user of this product. I feel fortunate that I have a dishwasher and don't wash any dishes. I only have to wash pots and pans. Typically I throw them in my deep sink (out of sight and out of mind) and squirt a little bit of liquid dish soap in each and run some hot water in them. I'll come back before bed and wash them. Yeah, I detest washing dishes (pots and pans in this case) and put off the chore as long as possible. So, I would say that I might go through a bottle quicker than someone who used one soapy sponge to do all the dishes. From my experience on this, this Dishwashing Foam is indeed concentrated and can wash a lot with one or two squirts to the sponge.

Of course, Palmolive makes a few additional claims about this product. I honestly can say I don't pay attention to such stuff when purchasing liquid dish soaps. But in this case, I will give you my opinion on whether they're true or not. Here's what they state:

~~Powerful oxygenated cleaning action lifts even the toughest baked-on grease and stuck-on food
~~Leaves dishes refreshingly clean and residue-free

My Experiences

I absolutely love, love, love the scent of Citrus Rush. To me it has a nice lemon-lime scent, not at all like anything else I've ever used. I bet kids would love it. (hmm, good idea to get the kids working!)

The foaming action is just divine. I pump one squirt of the foam into a pot, run water into, and the pan turns into a bubble bath. The foam really lasts a long time, too, longer than typical dish soap. I put a few pans in the sink over an hour ago and I still see bubbles in them.

I do have an issue with the bottle, however. It's a bit difficult to use with one hand as the bottle is wider and the pump is a little bit stiff. Admittedly that is a drawback for some people who would probably miss the ease of use of typical dish soap bottle that you just turn over and squeeze.

In regards to Palmolive's claims, here are my thoughts: I don't find that it cleans any better than any other dish soap when it comes to baked-on grease or stuck-on food. Ultimately such messy situations call for a good soaking and all liquid dish soaps do about the same. You will see bubbles longer with Palmolive Dishwashing Foam, but from my experience they aren't really lifting off the dirt and grease. You still have to do a bit of scrubbing to remove the grime.

But when it comes to rinsing and residue, I would say yes. This Dishwashing Foam does appear to be better. I find that it rinses easier and ultimately leaves less residue.

In conclusion . . .

Palmolive Oxy plus Dishwashing Foam in Citrus Rush is an affordably priced dishwashing liquid that smells wonderful and does an average job of washing dishes. I think people who enjoy foaming cleaning products will enjoy this product as it does seem to last a little bit longer than your typical liquid. However, I really don't find that the foam is magically lifting off grease and dirt. It does rinse quicker, so those washing a lot of dishes might prefer such a product. I'd certainly buy it again, if only for the fun foam, wonderful scent, and ease of rinsing. 4 stars.

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