ANIME MOVIE REVIEW - Another 10 Great Movies

May 19, 2003

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The Bottom Line You just can't beat these movies!

Here goes Another 10 Great Movies! You just can't get enough of this stuff!

1) Akira - A true classic. Perhaps the best anime out there. I've been bombarded with questions as to why this wasn't on my first list, so I felt compelled to put it on this one. It really a great movie. Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira, directed the film. He did an outstanding job. Basically, a huge bomb destroys Tokyo as we know it today. A sort of WWIII breaks out, leaving most of the world's largest cities in ruin. Tetsuo, one of Kaneda's gang members crashes into a boy, who mysteriously remains unhurt and then simply vanishes. The strange boy is part of a secret military project dealing with supernatural powers. On his trail are Ryu and Kei (not Kay), members of a semi-terroristic group, who want to discover and destroy the military's plans. And now Tetsuo is going to be a new member of the project. But his powers rise much faster than the Colonel has expected. Tetsuo manages to find out the location of an underground freeze chamber, where the mysterium Akira is kept. Akira, too was a member of the project. But why did they put him in the freeze chamber at 0.0005 Kelvin ? They were afraid of something. Something they couldn't control anymore...

2) Perfect Blue - A disturbing tale about a young pop singer, Mima, who decides to end her career with her group CHAM to become a movie star and model. One of her acting scenes is of a girl being raped. Mima also poses nude for a magazine. This angers an obsessed fan who tries to take revenge. She is also haunted by halucinations.

3) Blood The Last Vampire - Terrible ending. But the animation is outstanding. It is an American made movie so there are no subtitles. Saya is the main character, a vampire hunter. After killing a man on the subway Saya finds out that she will placed in an American military base, posing as a student, to try and locate vampires. During a Halloween dance some odd things happen. Specifically, two of Saya's classmates are vampires in disguise. A thrilling battle takes place...

4) Battle Athletes - Athletics and fighting. Beautiful and well endowed women... Becoming a "Cosmic Beauty" is no small task. That is the kind of pressure that 16 year old Akari is under. In the year 4999 Akari accompishes her dream of getting in to University Satellite. This her first step in becoming a "Cosmic Beauty."

Ichino: Can you find Akari?
Tanya: Of course! ... sniff ... sniff ...
Ichino: What are you doing?
Tanya: I'm seeking Akari's smell.

There are a lot of really great characters in this series. Most people, I think, will really enjoy this series.

5) Cowboy Bebop - Funny, fun, and really good. Go see the movie at a local theater near you! As for the series, it is a nifty display of audio and video. The setting is outer space in 2071 A.D. Faye is attempting to capture a hacker. During his search for the hacker, Faye comes across a man that ends up killing many people. The goverment puts a huge bounty on the killer, but Faye is the only one who knows that he looks like. The killer's name is Vincent. Can Faye catch him?

6) The Professional: Golgo 13 - Gonna hit you like a sniper...head shot! Can an amazing 007 like character, Golgo 13, out wit and survive the combined forces of the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Army? Not if Snake and the twins, Gold and Silver, have a say in it! And just like Bond, The Professional is irresistable to women.

7) Gunsmith Cats - Gun totin' females, oh yeah! There is enough action and humor for everyone. Rally Vincent and Minnie May are a dynamic duo. They own a gun shop and they also try their hand at bounty hunting. This series lives up to the manga series by Kenichi Sonoda. The setting is Chicago.

8) Ninja Resurrection - This is the sequel to the infamous Ninja Scroll, which includes both Jubei's Revenge and Hell's Spawn. I liked Resurrection almost as much as Ninja Scroll. We get to follow Jubei through more amazing battles between good and evil. The movie has the same elements of faith and betrayal. It's just about as bloody as the first one too. It is 1614, Christianity is outlawed and its practioners are slaughtered. The few remaining survivors place all their faith in a prophecy which says that a Child of Heaven will be born and who will save them from persecution. The darker side of the prophecy states that if the child should fail or falter, he will be reborn as Satan himself.

9) Oh My Goddess! - The basic premise of the movie is a love relationship between Morisato Keiichi (a normal college student) and a goddess name Belldandy. A wish granted by Belldandy to Morisato gets misinterpreted. He asks for a woman like her to stay with him forever - he has relationship issues. Belldandy believed he meant that she should stay with him forever. Now she is committed to Keiichi forever. The storyline will intrigue most viewers, perhaps more so with ladies since it is a romantic comedy. It is very funny, especially when Belldandy's sisters show up!

10) Rurouni Kenshin - Japan, 1870's, during the restoration era known as the Meiji era. The main character is a studly red head named Himura Kenshin. He was an orphaned child but grew up to learn the deadly sword style - Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. Later in the show he meets his future wife, Kamiya Kaoru. The animation of this movie is amazing and is second best only to the storyline. Personally, I think this is one of the best anime series ever.

"You have the form of a child, but your heart is already that of an adult. I’m sorry. I underrated you." - Kenshin

If I didn't list a movie you think should have made this or my other ANIME MOVIE REVIEW - 10 Great Anime Movies then leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!


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