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Mar 7, 2007
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Pros:Great quality, good focus, lots of a features, and more.

Cons:Takes practice to understand settings. Capture speed is kind of slow.

The Bottom Line: The quality and features are awesome. It takes some practice, but it is not imposible to learn. Recommended it to my parent and they bought it and love it too!

We bought this camera last Christmas and love it! We have a four month old now and I am constantly taking pictures of him. We had a film camera before and I can’t imagine going back. I love being able to take multiple shots and not having to worry about how much film I am using (I take a ton and then delete the ones that did not come out right).

The quality of pictures that this camera takes is in my opinion, very good. I am not a professional photographer, but I think that I do have an eye for quality. I have been very pleased with the quality of photos from this camera. They are not pixilated and are very clear. The flash and red eye work great making it easier to get perfect lighting and normal eyes! Also, there is a steady shot feature, which helps greatly in reducing blur from motion. Best of all, there is a focus button, which works great and is easy to use. I think the only thing I don’t like is that the capture speed is somewhat slow. From the time that you push the button to the time it actually takes the picture and baby can stop smiling (there is like a 2-4 second delay depending on if it has to refocus). Overall though, like I said, the quality is excellent. I have been very pleased!

The additional features of the camera are great. The zoom is awesome. You can capture, with great clarity, object and people from a good distance away. There is a feature, which allows you to take multiple shots in succession. This is awesome for being able to capture something that is moving. One really nice feature is the record mode. It works just like a video recorder which is super nice for those times that you want to capture more than just a picture but also the action and sound. The length that you can record depends entirely on the amount of memory space available.

As far ease of use goes… It takes some time, practice and reading of the manual. Aspects of using the camera are very easy. Reviewing and deleting pictures is very simple. As is the focus button. I love the focus button! Just hold it down and the camera does the rest! When it comes to actually taking the picture though, there are a lot of different settings and unless you really understand the specific of photography, you are probably going to have to take the time to get to know them. It is not particularly difficult to use, there is just so much. It took me some time (and having the manual out and beside me while playing with the camera) before I began to understand and know what settings to use and when. It is not just point and click…. You need to choose the right setting.

Getting to some more technical issues…. The battery life is great! It comes with a battery charger so you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying new ones. The memory card that it comes standard with is not big enough unless you plan on running to your computer frequently and downloading the pictures off of it. We bought a larger memory card, which stores more than enough. The software for the computer is easy to download and use. However, we found it to not be necessary because both of our computers recognized the camera and downloaded the pictures without any additional software.

So… Would I buy this camera again? Absolutely! It has been one of the best purchases that we have made more recently. I really love it!

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