Short Goodbyes to Long Places

May 22, 2003

The Bottom Line yep, i'm moving.

goodbye then, little city
little crazy city that i slowly
slowly slowly
fell in love with.

goodbye to dinners close and
theatres warm, cold in the summer
when the heat is too much.
i miss things i never thought i'd miss
the lonely boring hours
the unawaited kiss;
the things that stick against you
the things that you let go
the things that you remember
the things you'll always know.

i remember you as a city in a town's disguise
throwing parties to convince them otherwise
i remember you as drinking and smoking
bars at 2am and waiting on the medicine;
a city's hopes and dreams around us,
a city not our own.

i remember you like dreaming
parts of memory always there
and though i write you off as nothing
you'll form who i end up here

the weight of humid summers
when the air has feeling
and its feeling is heaviness
like a burden.
i won't miss you then.

but i'll miss you in the moments
that i've gathered up inside
the longing hours the waiting
the in-between goodnights
the walks we took against your shade
the timing of goodbyes.

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