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Mar 10, 2007
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Pros:Ease of use, portability, functions great, no plumbing hookups, standard electrical outlet

Cons:not automatic, a bit noisy, doesn't roll over carpet

The Bottom Line: If finances allow and you hate the laundrymat, I'd highly recommend. It's convenient and works great.

I was so annoyed by dragging my laundry down three flights of stairs then two blocks away to a laundry mat...where the washers often didn't work...that I invested in the Danby DTT420 twin tub portable washer. It arrived quickly, with some issues with the two delivery companies involved but the seller, Quality Matters refunded a portion of the shipping costs. I was very happy with their service. These washers aren't cheap and neither is shipping. So, I'd recommend really evaluating your want/need of one before spending the money. Anyway, here's the low down, the washer screws onto a sink faucet. Some people have bought separate adapters for sinks with aerators. I just unscrew the aerator. The washer is not automatic. You turn on the water and turn it off when the water level you want is reached. Also, after the wash cycle, you then turn the dial to drain the tub. As this is a twin tub, you move your clothes into the separate spinner. I read that a separate spin tub works much better. I found that the spinner works VERY well. My clothes dried overnight in my apartment. The wash tub holds 10 lbs of clothes, which was much larger than I imagined. It's working very well for myself and partner. I certainly wouldn't recommend this for a family. I've found that one wash cycle and three rinses has worked very well but it all depends on how dirty you get your clothes. Also, it takes a 110 outlet but it must be a three pronged outlet. The unit has wheels but are hellish to wheel over carpet. The unit isn't too loud but I wouldn't call it quiet. Importantly, it doesn't jump or move around too much. I wouldn't consider this a real water saver. Mainly because it is a top load tub instead of a front loader. However, you can control the amount of water you use. One more thing, the drain hose can be attached on either the right or left side. Just make sure your drain hose is secure before draining.

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