The Top 10 Global Hip Hop Songs Of All Time!

Jun 6, 2003

The Bottom Line Please don't consider yourself a hip hop fan if you haven't even heard any of these songs...

Since I have written an essay on the top twenty greatest rappers of all time, I decided to slightly measure this into more specific detail and actually tell you the top twenty greatest rap/hip hop songs of all time.
There has been many magnificent songs over the years of the hip hop era, but only ten can make the list to be called Classics.
As many of you all know, every rapper has their good/mediocre/bad rap songs and we have to give them credit for even the bad ones because even though an average rap album would carry approximately 15-20 songs; there had been about 50 that had been wrote for that particular recording and they could only the pick the certain best to appear on that album. Here are the top 10 rap songs of musical genius......

10. FÜck Tha Police by N.W.A.:
Hands down- the most controversial song to have ever been played.
Many New Schoolers may not have heard this song by N*ggaz Wit Attitude and may also say that songs such as Without Me and
Purple Pills are offensive and controversial towards the law, but if you think that was bad. Buy Straight Outta Compton just to have a listen to this song (and some great other ones aswell).
F*ck Tha Police was a song that was frequently played in the old school hip hop days by N.W.A.
Dr Dre, MC Ren, Eazy E, Ice Cube and Yella form the group of N.W.A. and represent the art of Gangster Rap to its fullest, introducing it to the scene in the late 80's with F*ck Tha Police. This song is mostly about bashing the cops and lining out the point- "Without a gun, your nothing!"
It also tells of crime and other law breaking modules. You will have to hear it to believe it.
This song uses a very partying, comedic and old school method of creation by using trumpets, many little poppy samples, keyboard sounds, sound effects, vocal samples, percussion, drums and DJ cuts and scratches. F*ck Tha Police makes it into the top ten comfortably.

9. Gangsters Paradise by Coolio:
Gangster's Paradise by Coolio in my opinion is sterotypically the most catchy rap song in the ages.
I even find myself rapping along to this well crafted art work.
Along with Coolio rapping out each verse, a person by the name of LV supplies the chorus. And it is very, very catchy and beautiful.
Gangsters Paradise is a very serious song with no comedic involvement used at all in this song. It is quite emotional in a way and really makes you think of 'death'; and this is what basically this song is about. The plot of Gangsters Paradise is of a man who has lived a very tough life living in the world of hip hop. He is said to be in it for the money, but he isn't- he is in it for the love of this musical genre. Anyway, he decides that all the pressure is on to him and that one day if he continues- he might get killed and he wonders if their really is a gangsters paradise.
Even Coolio's vocals in this song seems very worried about death and it blends very well.
This song uses a supremely orchestral beat which is among an army of synthesizers, organs, soft bass, a slow drum beat and choir vocals. This all combines into one to create a very churchy song.

8. Survival Of The Fittest by Mobb Deep:
Yet another Mobb Deep song makes it into the countdown. It proves very easily that Mobb Deep are hip hop legends and can spit some of the most genius sh*t that has ever been written on paper.
Like Shook Ones Part II, Survival Of The Fittest is a very famous Mobb song and is used frequently when the representation form of hip hop is among us.
Havoc's voice in this song blends very well to the beat and the lyrics suit him as a person. This all sums up into a well thaught out song.
This song is basically about the crews and gangs which are all involved in hip hop and that you must have a tough crew to survive in the rap world. Only the 'strongest will survive'. And supposedly, Mobb Deep are the strongest crew and no one can bring them down.
This song uses dark piano notes, violent sound effects and a patternised drum beat.

7. Follow The Leader by Rakim and Eric B.:
The greatest lyricist and greatest DJ in the late 80's era of hip hop combine to create Follow The Leader.
In front of many greats such as Tupac, Nas and Eminem- Rakim leads the table as the most complex lyricist and writer of all time.
Teamed with a very experienced and talented DJ who scratches and cuts beats, Rakim spits firey and excuisite lyrics in this song. The rhyming skill displayed in this particular masterpiece is extremely abover average. Rakim is a master on the mic and he spits his sentences and words on accurate, dead point timing to make the allround song sounds brilliant. Follow The Leader is mainly about Rakim himself and that he is a role model for all people who dream to make it in the rap game. He basically states just do what he does and 'follow the leader' and you will be great- like him.
The beat is very simple, old school and raw.
It uses very soft jungle drums in a rhythmic pattern and many sound effects. Follow The Leader does well to hit number seven on the top ten countdown.

6. Whats The Difference by Dr Dre, Xzibit, Eminem and Phish:
As you may have noticed by now, many of the greatest rap/hip hop songs that have ever been written have mainly been made in the early to mid 1990's. But this classic has definately got to be the greatest ever recorded in the modern, new school era.
Whats The Difference uses 4 great MC's to construct this song as a modern masterpiece.
Each three verses contain a different storyline altogether but finally lead up perfectly as the same when the chorus is being played.
Dr Dre raps about his 'beef' about Eazy E and that he wishes he could turn back time just to put their differences aside and be friends again; but since his death he hasn't had a chance to say it.
Xzibit mainly raps about the criticism in the global world of hip hop and the differences between everything on the axis. He also adds frequent 'brags' in there too.
And finally, Eminem raps about murdering his former wife, Kim.
HOW SURPIRISING!! But he lays out a very bitey verse with a great delivery.
Whats The Difference in my opinion, possesses the best beat around! It uses a soft continuous snare, loud trumpet effects, a bubbly sample tune, keyboard sound beats and an excellent trademark Dr Dre chorus beat which is a very mountainous and ghostly melody. Nice modern classic!!

5. Juicy by Biggie:
According to the minds of many hip hop fans, Juicy is the greatest and most popular Biggie song. Personally, I like this song and it deserves to be in the top 10. This record is off Biggie's very first album which is called "Ready To Die".
Even Biggie as a novice was a genius MC and this being one of his earler songs proves why.
Juicy is a song about his earlier days going through childhood, puberty and adolesence and finally ending up in the rap game.
It focuses mainly autobiographically but also speaks for many other rappers about growing up as a rap fan and finally becoming the greatest of all time. To hear a song similarly lyrical to this, check out Carry The Weight by Xzibit.
Juicy uses a very partying type beat using lowly pitched bass, a tight snare, leathery drums, nice keyboards, a glittery chime and great
female vocals included- which is also used in the chorus.

4. C.R.E.A.M. by The Wu Tang Clan:
Cream is stereotypically the most famous Wu Tang song that has ever vibrated the speakers. It does extremely well here to hit number four on the countdown. Cream is a song that really gets your thaughts up about the rap game and the money which is involved.
This song is sang with tremendous dedication and each verse is spat brilliantly with a slight work of poetic genius. This song is obviously about money and cash and how it has tactically improved The Wu's talent in hip hop. They call this type of method, Cream.
As you can see, this reflects with the chorus..
Cash rules everything around me/ Cream! Get the money/ Dollar-Dollar Bill Ya'll/
The beat is unique using soft piano loops, edgy keyboard sounds and a fresh, cafe type tune.

3. Liquid Swords by GZA:
Liquid Swords is a fun, violent and slightly trippy song in a way. And this is what makes this song a unique piece of genius. A few years back, GZA released a solo album called Liquid Swords. And the title of this album was a song in this record. The title of this song still puzzles me. I'm not sure how you could actually construct a sword made out of liquid but this is extremely creative and clinically imaginative. This song features a really dope flow and 'rhyming' aim aswell as being a cool, fresh and highly representing hip hop song. I reccomend this song to anyone new to hip hop in starting off. The song Liquid Swords is supremely martial artistic in a way.
It is a song which is focusing on violence, Shaolin fighting, and weaponry- in this case, telling the story of a samurai sword made from the element of liquidation.
The beat is a continuous line of bouncy synthesizers.

2. Changes by Tupac:
The best Tupac Shakur song and the most poetic and true song in musical history. I stated in my last review that Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time and that no one could match his emotionally lyrical and poetic style. When you listen to this particular song and also many others from this man, you will agree with me.
Not only is Tupac a highly skilled MC, but he is also a wonderful poet, too. The song "Changes" speaks poetically of politics, drugs, racism and violence and Tupac beautifully debates against this topic by stating we must change this type of lifestyle and focus more on education, religion and health. But in the end, because of the governing power: things will never change. This song uses a skippy and bouncy beat, a soft piano and a gospel/choir method.
A tremendous song.


1. Shook Ones Part Two by Mobb Deep:
The absolute genius CLASSIC!! In my opinion and in the opinion of many others, this has to be the most brilliant and allround greatest hip hop song ever. In the musically generated and ghostly minds of Mobb Deep, Shook Ones II is the ideal song and lyrically masterpieced for any hip hop fan. The lyrics are violent and breathtaking, it sounds something like someone would spit during a freestyle battle. Shook Ones II- along with the song Lose YourselF is one of the main anthem songs in the hit movie 8 Mile. It is used at the start of the movie when Rabbit is practicing his battling moves and also at the end when him and Papa Doc battle. This song basically tells the story that you can't screw with Mobb Deep and if you do, you will regret it for the rest of your lives; and that compared to Mobb Deep, you are all scared, 'shook ones'.
The song uses a dark beat with a soothing and scary bass, an ongoing tremendous snare beat and a gloomy styled keyboard sound made by Havoc. Every hip hop fan would have heard Shook Ones Part II atleast once! This song has to the best.

So, that it is the top ten countdown! Hope you enjoyed and agreed.

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Hot In Herre- NELLY............. (LMFAO!!! SORRY, I COULDN'T RESIST! jk jk)

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