Exploring Racism, Matthew Hale, “White Pride World Wide” And The Holocaust That Never Happened

Jun 11, 2003

The Bottom Line Do not deny thy enemy, know him and his many faces so you may crush him, obliterate him, make him a distant memory

If you have read any of my other editorials about racism, homophobia and general ignorance you’ll know how I feel about hate towards any group of people. While wearing a shirt that said “Got Skin” I jokingly said, “I’m not a racist, I hate everyone equally”, someone took offense to my comment, spit on me and called me a “n*gger lover”. I was verbally picked over by a short balding man who felt the need to vocalize his hate for me based on the fact that I refused to step out of his way for his family. First he assumed that the shirt “Got Skin” was in reference to being a skinhead – see what happens when you assume? It was a shirt for a local tattoo shop that had the motto “If you got the skin, we got the ink” – they shortened it to “Got Skin”. Secondly, he made the assumption that because I didn’t goose step my way across the floor, salute the memory of Hitler and run around with tacky swastikas all over my clothes that I didn’t have pride in my race. Let me get this out of the way right now, if this back woods, inbred, toothless, smelly troglodyte is part of my race, let me pluck out my ovaries and never bear another child. To call him a “gene pool pollutant” is being too kind. Of course, I already know what the comments to this will be – “You have no pride in your race” and “This is what we expect from those that are not pure white”.

I’m not a racist. I’ve never been a racist. I’ll never be a racist. How can I say that for sure? Because I have the ability to hate. Now, let me explain that statement. Every ethnic group, race, religion, social structure and populace have both a good and bad element. Even those that dedicate their lives to spreading the word of [their chosen] God have a few bad apples. Having the ability to hate and the desire to hate are two different things. If someone cuts you off on the freeway or takes your parking spot at the mall, chances are you’ll utter a few colorful words and go on with your life. That is the ability to hate, even for a few seconds. The desire to hate is something much different. It involves seeking out the bad in people – even if only a few exist within a group – and blowing it so far out of proportion that the truth of the matter is so distorted that it’s barely recognizable. Hating someone that you have never met based on the color of their skin is about as intelligent as rubbing yourself in blood and walking into the alligator section of the zoo. You might not get killed but you’ll walk away with a few less fingers and toes. That’s why I feel no sympathy for “white purists” that get a much-deserved as-s-whopping when they start something with the “wrong person”. Some might argue that to hate racists brings you down to their level, that by hating them you are essentially the same as them. I don’t hate them based on their color, choice of faith, clothing choices or whom they wish to exalt or honor – I hate them for breeding hate. A child isn’t born with racism in his or her veins – it is something that is taught to them, images of a black man being hung from a tree with “Southern Justice” under it, an Asian man being beaten to a pulp for opening a convenience store in the “wrong neighborhood” or even a man or woman that chooses to marry someone who isn’t 100% white. Most disturbing is that these children never had the chance to have their own opinion, they were force fed the notion that the white race is superior and all others are the scourge of society.

Not all white purists are violent.

In the same breath you could also say that not all Nazi’s killed people.

I’ve studied hate crimes for many years. My brother was the victim of an assault based on the fact that he was a homosexual. He was not openly gay, didn’t wear a bright pink t-shirt that proclaimed his sexual orientation and didn’t frequent local alternative lifestyles functions. He was killed because he was a man in love with another man. He was beaten, bashed with rocks and left for dead – all because he was gay. The skin heads aren’t selective about whom they hate – if you aren’t part of their red suspender wearing clan, you are their enemy. The persons eventually found guilty of the assault and death of my brother were skin heads, their father was a skin head, their mother was a proud Aryan breeder that looked upon her son as he was being sentenced and smiled. He was going to jail for killing someone and when asked to comment on how she felt, she said “It is a crime that he was found guilty for killing a queer”. is just one of hundreds, no – thousands, of white power sites that reach out to others for support. Their belief structure is based on several principals; the white man is superior, mixing of races taints the pure bloodline and anyone that is not pure white is inferior – this includes races, religions, personal beliefs and associations with those who are not pure white. The site presents it’s beliefs in a very straightforward manner and doesn’t try to hide the fact that they believe that they are superior. The site is a potpourri with something for everyone. There’s even a kids page created by a thirteen year old named Derek. The one thing that really struck me as a complete oxymoron was the statement on the Stormfront kids page that reads as follows:

I want to thank the hundreds of people that have written encouraging letters to me. I am so happy to know that there are people out there that believe as I believe and millions more who have experienced the things that I have experienced in my life, which lead me to racial understanding. Yet, lately I have been getting very vile messages with subjects varying from mutilating random white people, to stomping my brains in. Well I am getting sick of reading these nasty hate filled messages. I would really appreciate it if the people visiting my site would please keep this in mind, if your thoughts towards me are as sick, and vile as some people, please keep them to yourself. After all, I am only thirteen years old and I really do not need your hateful thoughts in my head.

After all, I am only thirteen years old and I really do not need your hateful thoughts in my head.

Read that a few times.

After all, I am only thirteen years old and I really do not need your hateful thoughts in my head.

This is the same child that seeks to rid the earth of those that aren’t as pure as he, yet he doesn’t want the “hateful thoughts” in his head. It’s this type of racial intolerance that should be the biggest concern. The older members of the group are set in their ways and more than likely won’t change their thought process, but the kids that are raised in this environment – without being allowed to come to their own conclusions – that is the saddest part of the racism issue.

Stormfront also has a section for women – albeit small and limited – it exists. Their man focus is on the Kosher food debate and how they feel that they shouldn’t have to pay for the cost of having food items ‘blessed’ or overseen by a Rabbi. I really expected to see a lot more information about what the women of this group think about the organization and white pride specifically in regards to their children – but sadly there isn’t much there. I went to the grocery store and picked up several times – both Kosher and non-Kosher, checked the prices [all non sale items] and if there was a price difference it was a matter of a few pennies and in about half the cases – the Kosher products were less. To argue about something as trivial as “passing the cost on to non Jewish consumers” is so mundane and ridiculous that I am still having a hard time processing it. If it bothers you that much, make your own food or purchase thing that do not have the symbols on them. There are several correspondences with companies listed at the site as well as the replies from the companies – an interesting read indeed. is just one of many websites where those who subscribe to the white power philosophy congregate. It is a right protected under the Constitution of the United States of America. The have the freedom to assemble in public as long as it doesn’t present a danger to others, they have the right to speak freely about their mission and they are, in most cases, tax exempt organizations since they have created religions to foster and nurture their flock. They receive donations, have their own printing presses and publish monthly newsletters and magazines about their cause. Through the internet they connect with other like-minded groups and individuals to forge ahead and rid the earth of the impure and inferior. While not all groups go about this in a militant fashion and some are peaceful defenders of their race, other take matters in to their own hands and evoke “Southern Justice” when a member is wronged by someone of color or from another religion. These cases receive huge headlines or are swept under the rug – there is no middle ground. “Hate crimes” have, over the past five years, received stiffer penalties but the burden of proof lies in proving that it was actually a hate based crime. Just because someone belongs to a white pride movement or is associated with a hate organization doesn’t necessarily mean that such involvement had anything to do with the crime – at least that is the argument that is being made in courts across the land.

What drives people to hate? Is it brainwashing? Having thoughts thrown at you day in and day out? Being told from a young age that you are better than others based on the color of your skin and the purity of ‘whiteness’ in your blood? Hate has always existed, even the cavemen hated – but their hate was based on survival – not superiority. When cavemen roamed the earth it was survival of the fittest, the biggest strongest male would breed with the biggest strongest female – it wasn’t about looks or who had the nicest hair. In regards to the white supremacists, they breed to repopulate the earth with “pure white blood”. They teach their children that anyone that isn’t pure white or is a sympathizer for the mud-bloods is inferior. I was exposed to such small mindedness when my son recently attended a science day camp. A good majority of the white purists choose to homeschool their children because they disagree with what is being taught about history and that their children are forced to learn about the racially inferior. When another child asked my son what he thought about Hitler being “a genius and ahead of his time” my son was a little taken back and initially shoes to ignore his comment. When the boy asked him again my son said told him about his uncle [my brother] that was killed because he was gay and went on to verbally flay the little white purist until he ran away crying to his mother. This of course led to her and I having words where she said, “I assumed since you had a large family, home schooled and wore our colors that you were one of us”. So this is what $100.00 a day for camp gets me huh? In reference to her saying “wore our colors” she was referring to me wearing black a good majority of the time. So word to the wise – don’t wear black or you might be confused or mislabeled as a Satanist or a white purist. I still can’t figure out why white purists wear black – wouldn’t they want to wear white?

Matthew Hale, founder of the World Church of The Creator, makes a bold statement with his churches mission statement: "The World Church of The Creator exists for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White Race exclusively." For those who are unfamiliar with Hale, he took over the leadership of the WCOTC in early 1996 and started to widen the gait of the land. No longer did he target the hard-core racist or fourth or fifth generation white purist – to do this was simply a waste of time since they were already in the flock and dedicated to the movement. Hale, having graduated from law school [his license to practice was denied based on previous activities and charges of hate crimes], set out to recruit those that would most benefit the WCOTC in the long run. Aspiring political candidates, those in law and medical school and those attending the Ivy League schools – the people that will be able to lift the overall I.Q. of the organization, defend the members and make it socially acceptable. Hale seeks to spread the word to anyone that will listen but has a special place in his heart for the educated and upper crust of white society.

The hate that was once spread through crudely copied newsletters and banners now stretches to the internet. While it is possible to protect your child from pornography, internet chat rooms and blatant adult material, there exists no wall of protection from racism. On AOL there are chat rooms and profile pages that proudly proclaim that the white race is superior. Use any internet search engine to look up white pride groups and you’ll be shocked at the number of results. Even at there exists a “white singles” board where members can seek out mates. All of this is protected by the Constitution and unless a specific threat is make towards a named individual, it is 100% legal. Since most also operate under a non-profit religious guise, they can distribute their material in public places unless it is posted that distributing material is prohibited.

As disturbing as it may be to see the racially motivated websites, as parents you should familiarize yourself with the signs and symbols that are associated with such organizations. All of this strikes a harsh cord with me, when I was younger my room was invaded by my mother after she was told that Iron Maiden was a demonic group and any child that listened to them would be condemned to hell. The ‘satanic invasion’ was based on 10% fact and 90% fiction – parents were given a checklist to go over “Does your child wear black clothing? Does your child spend large amounts of time in his or her room or isolate themselves from others? Have you seen any of these symbols on the notebooks [including the upside down cross, 666, pentagrams or hex signs and ankh]? Does you child listen to groups like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and AC/DC?” And the list continued. In some ways I feel like I am turning into my mother by suggesting that parents invest a few minutes into looking at where their children are going on the internet, if they have cultivated new friends who are members of white purist groups and if they started to talk about “white power” or putting down other races.

Some might say that there is a fine line between education and association; that in order to educate a child about hate groups you need to expose them to the groups. That certainly doesn’t mean packing up the family vehicle and heading out to a lynching or cross burning – but to shield your child from these types of events for fear that you’ll traumatize them is doing nothing more than leaving the door cracked open – an invitation for slick and sly recruiters to make them a million promises if they just give them fifteen minutes of their time so they can explain the benefits of living in a pure white world. They’ll tell them that in the white world there won’t be any poverty, starvation or crime [since all crime and poverty can be attributed to the non-white]. That in a pure white world there won’t be any sickness or disease [since all disease can be traced back to the non-white]. They will tell your child that if they just listen to them – they will be broadening their horizons and ensuring that the white race will live on. Of course that spruce up the speech a little and tell them about all the great activities they have, what they can offer them and the general direction of the white movement. Even if they only succeed in attracting one or two youths out of a hundred, they consider it a great accomplishment.

So where do parents turn if they think their child has started to associate with white purists or a racially motivated hate group? The frontline of defense is to talk to your child without screaming – remember back when you were a child and someone told you that you couldn’t do something – you weren’t told why you weren’t allowed to do it – just that you weren’t allowed to do it. Try to see why your child became interested in the group, what the group is about and how far into the group he or she has gotten. If you feel that your child has gotten into an organization that is involved in criminal activities you may be able to contact your local police department to see if they have any information about local hate organizations in your area. In larger cities these may be associated with gang task forces however smaller cities may not even be aware that such groups exist. If your child protests to being asked if he or she is involved with a white power group you may have to take matters in to your own hands to get to the bottom of the matter.

There is no such thing as “experimenting” with racism. You don’t just follow it for a few weeks then move on to something else. Most parents aren’t even aware of the situation until it’s too late to try and intervene. I’m not telling anyone to invade their childs personal space but if you have a suspicion that your child has become involved with such groups, it’s better to tackle the situation head on than to have the police knock on your door and inform you that your child committed a racially motivated crime. When you look at the amount of time and effort that hate groups put into their movement you have to ask yourself one question – what would happen if they took all that effort, money, time and passion and channeled it into something positive?

While has been around for a while, there are new sites popping up on a weekly basis. These may be straightforward and bold or they may present themselves as passive, white, non-violent individuals looking to keep their bloodline pure. In any event, they are part of a growing group of people that present a real harm to the future of the youth of not just America, but the world. If anyone honestly believes that the whole ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Hitler was a contrived satire by the “dirty Jew” to gain sympathy then I’d like them to explain the mountains of bones and entries in log books – not to mention the gas chambers, portable gassing units, assassination pits, medical experiments and slave labor that has been explored, documented and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. But sadly, that is what some of these sites claim and through distorted quotes and phrases taken out of context they manipulate the truth to their benefit.

What benefit?

Spreading hate by any means necessary.

With respect …

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2003 Freak369

End Note: I am not a racist, nor do I claim that the Holocaust never happened, I am simply relaying information regarding hate crimes and allegations that have been brought to the masses via the internet. Any terms, phrases or ethnic slurs that were used in this piece are not meant to be taken as a direct strike from myself but to educate and enlighten those that are not aware of the public presence of white power, white supremacists groups and hate organizations.

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