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Joy Adds Lemon Flavor to Food Without the Need for Fruit

Mar 17, 2007
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Pros:Good cleaning ability; Good price

Cons:Makes some food taste like lemons; Not as concentrated as other concentrates

The Bottom Line: Joy cleans well, but beware of the scent- it can leave a residue on some dishes that could transfer to your food.

Since I own a dishwasher, I don’t really have a serious need for dishwashing liquid like I did in the past. The convenience of a machine that automatically washes and dries dishes is a luxury that I now take for granted. But there will always be a need for dishwashing liquid and one product that has been around for ages is Joy Ultra Concentrated Liquid, a product from Proctor & Gamble.

Basic Facts About This Product:

Joy Ultra Concentrated Liquid is yellow in color with a scent of fresh lemons. It is ultra concentrated, which means that a little bit goes a long way toward getting dishes clean.

The liquid in this bottle is semi- think in consistency. A small squirt from the flip- top plastic lid is all it takes to produce gobs of suds that last. The plastic bottle is clear to showcase the product inside and it is shaped like most other dishwashing liquids: Wide in front but narrower in depth, making it easy to grip.

Product Info/Customer Service:

The web site to visit for this and other Proctor and Gamble products is pg.com. If a specific question needs to be answered by a live rep, the number to call is 800-436-1569.

Final Thoughts:

Joy dishwashing liquid is one of the oldest products I can remember hearing about and it is one several Proctor and Gamble brands to achieve household name status thanks to its sponsorship of afternoon “Soap Operas” on television. This product has been around for a long time but it has undergone a few changes over the years, resulting in the Ultra Concentrated product sold today.

Joy is good for washing dishes thanks to its concentrated formula and its ability to scrub dishes clean and cut grease. Less liquid is needed when you use Joy Ultra Concentrated because it is formulated to produce more suds and more cleaning ability with less actual liquid. This means that a single bottle, while a little more expensive than other brands, can last up to twice as long. And it effectively cleans dishes with an average effort.

Many other dish liquids are now made in concentrated form and if I had to compare Joy with those other brands, Joy ranks as an average product overall. It is an improvement over most regular dish liquid as far as the amount needed to work up a good lather and wash a good number of dishes. But it doesn’t seem to be as concentrated as many of the other concentrates. I can certainly notice a difference between Joy and, say, Ajax Lemon. But compared to other concentrated varieties, there are others that perform better.

Joy comes in one other scent that I know about: Antibacterial/Citrus. But the lemon is the one I am most familiar with and it’s the one that is most closely associated with the Joy brand name. And speaking of the lemon scent, this brings me to another small problem I have with Joy Ultra Concentrated. The lemon scent, even when the dishes are rinsed thoroughly, doesn’t always go away. And depending on the type of dish I am using, my keen sense of taste can sometimes detect the flavor of lemon left on the dishes when I use Joy. I haven’t noticed this problem with flatware or glassware. Where I notice it is with plates and bowls. I will be eating something like cereal and I will suddenly realize that my Wheaties have a slightly lemony flavor, even though there are no lemons to be found. The problem is caused by Joy and even though it’s only a sporadic problem, it is something to keep in mind if you decide to use this product.

Joy Ultra Concentrate contains the usual warnings often found on dishwashing liquid labels. It should not be added to bleach and should not be added to a dishwasher. If ingested, drink a glass of water to dilute. If it gets in your eyes, flush with water.

This dishwashing liquid carries a reasonable price tag. The liquid is sold in two sizes, costing about $2.50 for a 25 ounce (740 ml) bottle or $1.75 for a 12.6 ounce (370 ml) bottle. This makes Joy one of the more competitively priced concentrated liquids.

Overall, Joy Ultra Concentrate is a good product in spite of its tendency to make some foods taste like lemons. I will continue to use my dishwasher for about 90% of my dishwashing needs but until a machine is invented that can scrub a cookie sheet clean or scour a badly stained skillet, dishwashing liquid will still be needed and Joy Ultra Concentrated Liquid makes a good choice to get your dishes clean.

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